GAMING NEWZ: Welp Not Much Cept SOPA


And cats. SOPA and cats. BONUS:

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25 комментариев на “GAMING NEWZ: Welp Not Much Cept SOPA”

  1. TheSandisfaction:

    awsome cat video 😀

  2. Viic3G:

    But then again the president signed ACTA (look it up) which means much of what was in SOPA and PIPA, and then some, will still be occurring, only this time on the international level, and in a more covert manner. <-- This is a run on sentence, dissect it how you will.

  3. gunethersnuf:

    😀 the only toy needed for cats… (well and maybe a scratching post) they go bonkers for lazerzzz

  4. xrryan3:

    lol your cat looks alot like my cat jasper ^.^

  5. KingBlue:

    I can’t stop looking at that face in the lower right hand side of the screen.

  6. ChezWolf64:

    @crazykush666 If you don’t like her, don’t watch her videos. It’s really simple you fucking retard.

  7. ChezWolf64:

    @MrFishnchips22 Stfu and get off your mothers computer, the Internet is no place for 7 year olds.

  8. MrFishnchips22:

    i want my p3nis in ur mouth

  9. PhantomGameFace:

    I WANT THE CAT!!!!!

  10. KrazyK923:


  11. thiefinkids:

    Nice Marilyn Monroe poster. Also, nice eyes.

  12. crazykush666:

    @rm04ever no thanks fagott

  13. rm04ever:

    @crazykush666 fuck u man

  14. crazykush666:

    fuck you bitch ho

  15. antihero355:

    @akihabaraftw I agree, I’m extremely sick of it too. Its no wonder a lot of girls have a such low opinion of males in general when everywhere they go they get swarmed by the dregs. I hate the fact that I have pay for it too. When I watch a female vlogger, I don’t bother reading the comments and I certainly don’t post a comment, lest she’ll just think I’m another one of the bottom feeders trying to kiss her ass. I’m only replying to you now because what you said was so right on.

  16. michaeljacksoned:

    Oh my god… she is so cute! Wish I had a cat…

  17. Toneai2007:

    Everybody says it (well most people, guys, stalkers, cyber-stalkers…), why the hell would you turn your hair green?

  18. Aryzz:

    1:35 Jodie Foster.XD

  19. Revaris:

    I don’t know if it’s the lighting in your room or what but you have crazy shiny eyes @.@

  20. Danimal102306:

    Please change your hair color back!

  21. Elxir:

    That was actually because the FBI found that there was over $200 million worth of pirated movies.

  22. Antoniocool86:

    I didn’t hear a word you said I was lost in your eyes.

  23. McLolzable:

    @TheDangerNewt A firm grasp of the obvious

  24. YasminRockergirl007:

    Hey, marry me. Bye.

  25. ErikKonradSigalov:

    but the US government took down megaupload the day after they shelved SOPA, on the exact grounds they would’ve taken it down if SOPA had gone ahead, strange that it’s like they don’t care whether it’s legal or if it defies the point of the internet or if it stunts internet creativity and screws over everyone who uses the internet it’s even stranger how it doesn’t even benefit the government or society but instead benefits corporations in that it increases the total gold in their coffers…