Very Mary-Kate — Cat


I decide to get a cat rather than have a baby because it’s more expensive.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

our kitty trying to wake up willow!

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49 комментариев на “Very Mary-Kate — Cat”

  1. RoxySongbird:

    «Trust your instincts.» Bahah!

  2. WooScore:

    @sparkmedia01 «Cats love being held»
    So you know all cats?

  3. sparkmedia01:

    @WooScore Cat’s love being held, I have three and they love attention of any kind.
    The actor was holding the cat incorrectly.

  4. VampireNya:

    mary kate is like my family

  5. lilmisssana:

    they look more like ALY ND AJ to me but heyy theyre still amaziingggg

  6. WooScore:

    @plasticineXsunshine Elaine actually did a video before this, a while ago, and she had Comet in it, he was squirming around and stuff when she held him. Cats dont really like being held.

  7. SoHoBoi:

    comet comet comet comet….. yay i have a island

  8. composer4u:

    that poor cat was having a seizure in her arms…

  9. MikChayla:

    lmfao «like our dog on full house?»

  10. pinoyburger:

    Check out Bodyguard’s own series, Personal Trainwreck.

  11. MsColorful13:

    I LOVE CATS!!!

  12. veerleke:

    Too fast 🙁

  13. Drjerome1:

    @Drjerome1 ooh, haha i get it

  14. epiclabre:

    @Drjerome1 Cop disguised as a drug dealer.

  15. Drjerome1:

    whats a nark?

  16. cait72590:

    poor cat, that wasn’t very gentle.

  17. floooble3:

    I squealed to death when the cat was writhing in MK’s arms.

  18. matty123866:

    your cat needs a chill pill! bahahahah

  19. tdifan12346:

    like if u notice wen MK was sayin comet comet comet there was a moving black spot in the backround

  20. plasticineXsunshine:

    That cat looked like it was in a lot of pain.

  21. THEwinsauceofTETRIS:


  22. kaeldi2010:

    wow i thought i knew annoying

  23. cami123bc:

    @speritslive12 trust your instincs

  24. spiritslive12:

    and I hung up because I thought it was a narc.

  25. Mercury2305:

    chilli peppers!!!!!! 😀

  26. into357:

    AWWWWW she loves your baby soo much!!!!XDDD TWO CUTIES!!!!

  27. fantasyfreakXD:

    oh yea that was me and my cat… kitty pawing at my face and im like sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep… i miss my babygirl

  28. babyinmybelly11:

    the cat is like, wake up wake up play with me… lil girl -.- zzz lol sooo adorable

  29. nextlifearotti:

    come on! wake up! I want to play! wake up!!!!!!

  30. Porcelanesa:

    @verilyheld Such a great story! Made me smile. 🙂

  31. deeneedoos:

    thats so cute :3

  32. customcartoons:

    silly kitty, baby can’t feed you!

  33. verilyheld:

    M mom’s cat Mickey adopted me after I was born! He’d curl up next to me in my crib, jump up and snuggle next to me in my stroller. Later on I wouldn’t go to bed until I had him in my arms, he might have been gone all day but come my bedtime he’d show up, a long-suffering look on his face (Mom’s words, not mine!), I’d hug him, he’d wait patiently with me till I was asleep and he could leave!  I miss Mickey!

  34. LavenderScented:

    the cat is like: «hey wake up so you can share some of your milk in the sippy cup with me»

  35. Ashwhip77:


  36. gijanearmy:

    Kitty just wants to give some lovings!! Our female cat is the same way with my 10 month old son.

  37. LoBlue16:

    Usually it’s the other way around lol

  38. 101technogirl:

    that pillow looks very suspicious

  39. luxstudios94:

    respect for playing red hot chili peppers in the background

  40. AutieCrafter123:

    the cat’s not bugging the baby, he just wants to snuggle. 🙂

  41. BlacksFriendB:

    kitties are so determined xD

  42. nighthawknina86:

    this is adorable

  43. sophisticatedbadgurl:

    @AnaMusafirah lmao

  44. LifeequalsFashion:

    aww! the kittys all ‘you’re my baby now! wake up! lets play!’ So cute!

  45. SelyTheSweetGirl:

    the baby is like: cat leave me alone!

  46. SarahGailCotton:

    Baby: omfg.. LET ME SLEEP. D;

  47. AnaMusafirah:

    yay Its my only chance to eat it while itsa small ^-^

  48. GodlovesYou6032:

    AWWW poor baby and that cat just wants to play!!

  49. IIIPMIIl:

    @Pandora0623 mine too XDDDD. Or she would attack my hand that fell over the side of the bed and when i woke up shed just stand and stare at me