[Alice: Madness Returns] Cheshire Cat Quotes


A complete collection of all spoken dialogue by the Cheshire Cat (Roger Jackson) from Alice: Madness Returns, including lines from cutscenes, riddles, random idle phrases, and unused content. Because you know you can’t get enough of it. Index: 0:00 — Vale of Tears (Ch. 1) 2:35 — Hatter’s Domain (Ch. 1), Deluded Depths (Ch. 2) 3:39 — Vale of Doom (Ch. 3) 4:20 — Oriental Grove (Ch. 3) 6:32 — Bridge to Queensland (Ch. 4) 8:03 — Dollhouse (Ch. 5) 8:06 — Riddles / Radulas 10:28 — Idle Phrases / Miscellaneous 18:40 — Ending Monologue And the screenshots: www.photobucket.com Answers to the riddles are now added! Just discovered that the collection is missing a few lines. The first is spoken when the cat is called a second time just before Alice’s encounter with the Hatter (Ch. 1: Hatter’s Domain). Listen to it here: www.2shared.com The rest concern the octopus and music fish from the second chapter: www.2shared.com
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25 комментариев на “[Alice: Madness Returns] Cheshire Cat Quotes”

  1. ciota5155:

    this cat is so sweet x3

  2. kh2ps2247:

    I absolutely love Cheshire…. played the game, and whenever i would see his icon appear i would scream.. This highly makes me realize… I NEED A CAT LIKE THIS….. *-*

  3. tomophidion:

    so amazingg

  4. TheCountesscain:

    is there any where i can find all the quotes written down

  5. PREZILLA2009:

    Some times he sounds like Christopher Lee.

  6. PREZILLA2009:

    Can I find a good picture of him to see every detail on him?

  7. wallakfir90:

    00:02 «Perrrrrrfect»

  8. funnymasters1:

    I love thissssss game

  9. straywolf184:

    I want a cat like this Q~Q

  10. PreciousPoision:

    My cat actully has furr like this but its not truly blue, more grey and black. He always bites me and attacks me so I call him Cheshire for the furr and since Alice thinks he’s a bit of a bully, so I take my cat and yell «Cheshire, help me in Wonderland!» and my dad just stares at me.. Yep, normal day alright.

  11. LunaBell08:

    «Only few find the way, some don’t recognize it when they do —some, don’t ever want to.»
    ~Cheshire Cat

    My fav quote ^w^

  12. miriahonyxfire123:

    i love this game

  13. skybreak07:

    Hahahaha………this video is making me fall asleep…….and of course my cat is asleep t my feet while Im listening to this 😀

  14. Palismgirl:

    I love it

  15. PhoenixFrisian:

    He reminds me of a helpful Snape.

  16. shedafanichigo:

    What a troll.

  17. RandomNoveltyItem:

    Why does his voice sound stupid in the new game? He sounded perfect in the first one.

  18. 98animefan:

    @piggytailgirl It’s too bad he didn’t say «ass»…I would’ve fainted when he said that one part

  19. teoem9083:

    «Spawn of Satan.» I just love the way he says that.

  20. teoem9083:

    I love that quotes that show up in this game as well as the last one. x’D

  21. TerryXGaara:

    @MrWotsItoya It’s gorgeous~ <3

  22. piggytailgirl:

    14:00 «You’re sufficiently fortified to kick some a…To boot these creature’s nether regions» 

  23. ParamoreAnimeFan1:

    OMFG IT’S SNAPE!!!!!!

  24. DerGeisterbahnFreak:

    Can you Upload the Duchess’ Quotes please?? 😀

  25. hm940733:

    6:36 my favorite quote