Dove ruins kitten’s nap


Oh that’s just ultra hilarious, isn’t it? The cat’s nap is brutally destroyed by an over enthusiastic pigeon.

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24 комментария на “Dove ruins kitten’s nap”

  1. iceshadow238:

    he just wanted to cudel….and why the fuck or how did i go from computers to cats in two seconds X.X

  2. EvilPrince69:

    That fuckin’ cat would swallow that pigeon whole

  3. Fauthal:

    That’s why cats eat birds.

  4. oZzG100:

    i understand the cat… i hate bird’s that ruin my nap…
    so cute! 🙂
    sry for my bad english…

  5. EziixPked:


  6. MasamuneStrikesAgain:

    why is he not eating the bird? Cat is awesome lol.

  7. Ablequerq:

    Cat said shut yer fuckin faysh.

  8. Maxximtl:


  9. Priest105:

    Look how the dove goes right up to his ears and scream.

  10. nhs2008NC:

    Are you sure that’s a kitten? Looks fully mature!

  11. SirCuddleBuns:

    The ultimate troll.

  12. coolkat390:

    0:29 lol cat: shut up or i try to stuff u in my mouth!! (lets go) stupid dove

  13. dustyOn3:

    To noisy for the cat. «LET ME FKN SLEEP!»

  14. diANASOURRrr:

    He’s bowing down to the kitty

  15. Hextechful:

    bird was trollin

  16. tanchiktih:

    Похоже, голубь хочет потоптать милую кису… А ржот, как лошадь » ухи-хи-хи»:))))))))))

  17. HappyGillian:

    The cat is torn between…nap? bite bird’s head off? nap? bite bird’s head off?

  18. merylstreep2010:

    @PunkBrethren Me

  19. PunkBrethren:

    Thumbs Up if you want the cat to kill the bird.

  20. love4tamara:


  21. MitsuePheles:

    Why I must think of «Zelda» ? Navy: «Hey! Hey! Hey! Listen! Hey! Listen!»

  22. MurasakiFujiwara:


  23. bikezonly:

    If a cat wants to sleep, it wants to sleep! Haha.

  24. AMAZONIAbydjljwillia:

    I might be wrong, but isn’t that the doves mating call?