Storymode — Bleach Fighter Behind the Scenes

- Click here to watch Storymode — True Reporters Make Love to PacMan! Storymode — Bleach Fighter Behind the Scenes (S01E44) This week Lyle thinks these vids are neat Arby ‘n’ the Chief: Behind the Scenes — Part 1 Live-Action Bleach (Bleach: Soul Resurreccion) While Dex talks about cats and these videos Co-Op Life: Call of Duty (Live Action) Fighterpedia Episode 4: Ode to Grapplers: BALLAD OF THE BODY EXP LOSION This video will show you… HOW TO fight HOW TO bleach HOW TO be behind the scenes — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Like Machinima on Facebook! Prove your gaming skills on the Respawn Army app FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: Tags: Storymode Dex Lyle «Sanity not Included» machinima movies videos clips shows episodes halo fps » feature films» directors «premiere directors» «original content» storymode comedy hilarious funny jokes random insane silly beard hair emo anime «over the top» «first person shooter» «xbox 360» ps3 wii cod «call of duty» mw3 «modern warfare 3» tf2 valve steam cats kitties bleach anime fighter «street fighter» grappler «arby n’ the chief» arby chief halo link «legend of zelda» halo reach «halo reach
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25 комментариев на “Storymode — Bleach Fighter Behind the Scenes”


    was that suppose to b as good as sanity not included?

  2. eightgateslee20:

    He doesn’t know what bleach is

  3. mcpillboy:

    I want to see niña

  4. KarmaChicken:


  5. Beno2212:

    lol nice beard lyle

  6. killerx10001:

    to bad its not out…….

  7. wyatt190:


  8. TheOriginalQuality:

    New Sanity TOMORROW :DDDDD

  9. wupp44:

    At first I was thinking is dex on drugs but than I thought wait Lyle is so peaceful… he’s on drugs

  10. ojoun11:

    Dragon Ball Evolution is a perfect example

  11. MultiTino83:

    people dnt give a shit bout story mode we care about sni

  12. SnoopyRC124:

    lyle ur beard reminds me of santa…

  13. Alphaprogram1:

    combed hair, beard looks like shit, nothing funny. good sir, what have you don with the douche Lyle we know and laugh at because of his doucheness!

  14. SuperNesLink:

    I know how you feel Dex theres a cat that alway get’s in our house and once it watched me take a shit while i watched it watching me taking a shit. It was a nice pussy.

  15. therealsviezols:

    talking about sex? ok
    talking about sex and cats? no
    talking about you, sex and cats? AW HEEEEEEELL NO

  16. MrCon313:


  17. OnionThyme:

    c o d? real men call it CoD!

  18. AmberKohaku4:

    i only watch this to look at Dexter …:3 soo hot…

  19. Biotrin:

    well leach Live Action ruined the series for me, well it sucked to begin with, but now it sucks even more knowing that the fanbase sucks so bad!

  20. Hiddentiger4:

    When i saw 0:05 I bought as much snacks while almost shitting out bricks.

  21. GemiStr:

    You have to say vagina, because you can’t say pussy when your talking about cats

  22. ajlewis90w:

    thumbs up for gay cats

  23. zubiila:

    besides of the sanity not included part (FINALLY) — amazing 0:57, story about the cat xD

  24. werewolfgirl1995:

    Well,just Larson

  25. scukmawea:

    best Christmas present ever