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Апрель 2012
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12 Апр 2012г.

Парень и девушка любили друг друга, пока парень не совершил самоубийство. И теперь девушка сильно переживает, да еще и все эти воспоминания… Игра: the sims 3 pets
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This is the fourth episode in my mini-series ‘Kate’s Lessons’, there are plenty more to come! Including the much anticipated ‘HOW TO: Be SEXY [GUYS!]‘… seriously. So subscribe and stay tuned! I HAVE MERCH!: www.katersoneseven.spreadshirt.com Twitter me: www.twitter.com Music used is listed IN ORDER at the end of the video, all music is either from the Royalty-free collection in Imovie (editing program) or from the Royalty-free collection at Incompetech.com (great site for all kinds of music, I recommend it!). ‘Chelsea loft short’ – Imovie ‘Elysium long’ – Imovie ‘Airport lounge’ – Incompetech.com ‘Chelsea loft long’ – Imovie
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Chats abandonnés dans cimetière.
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Больше только тут: open2you.ru
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