Подольск ТВ vs Реутов ТВ



IKEA UK releases 100 house cats into their Wembley, UK store. Join us on Facebook facebook.com See the making of this commercial with ‘Herding Cats’ youtu.be To celebrate the new IKEA catalogue IKEA have released a feline friendly Cat-alogue, which can be seen at ikeacat-alogue.co.uk The music is Pianni by Mara Carlyle, courtesy of Accidental Records. Get the music in the following ways: — iTunes: itunes.apple.com — Accidental Records Shop accidentalrecords.bandcamp.com

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25 комментариев на “Подольск ТВ vs Реутов ТВ”

  1. qmto:

    The calendar sent me too haha!

  2. TheKraizeeKatt:

    I came here because of my cat page a day calendar too! The cat and I share a first name 😀

  3. mktillg:

    Calendar sent me, too. Danged lucky kitties! I have a dream of being locked inside IKEA!! XD

  4. redheadsyd:

    Leave the crazy British to do something like that

  5. bleachfan1002:

    what song was used in this commercial?

  6. adonis4441:


  7. NinjaTrixxr:

    I came because my calender said so.

  8. ChamelionK:

    yeah, I got here by cat calendar, too. LOVE IT!

  9. SerenasMom3:

    Glory says to come here:)

  10. Torgo1969:

    Hooray for the cat calendar! And hooray for the cats!

  11. MrCoffeeJamm:

    My cat a day calendar brought me here too…. Weird

  12. maryamne:

    ME too….page a day by chance????? Wish it were longer!!!!!

  13. gamer2276:

    because the cats are racist

  14. atmaymann:

    Why are there no black cats?

  15. squeegeewing:

    me too

  16. bastetmax:

    My cat calendar brought me here and I think this a lovely, lovely commercial.

  17. PlaidPenguin8:

    Cat calendar brought me here 😛

  18. WorldWideDiscussions:

    so how did they get them all together and out? food? haha can you imagine a kitten hiding trying to live there

  19. OneWhiteMoth:

    I have no idea about this podcast everyone’s talking about- my cat calendar brought me here lol

  20. MrFusion9311:

    I just want to fucking listen to my podcast but every 10 seconds Gavin and Burnie are telling me to look up a superbowl commercial from God knows when from God knows who. I wonder where the hell it’ll take me next…

  21. sakiko211:

    LOL roosterteeth drunk tank brought me here.

  22. sakiko211:


  23. SkeletorOnline:

    You mean RoosterTeeth Podcast

  24. DILLSN0OB:

    Kevin sent me
    Drunk tank
    Yeah yeah yeah!

  25. adrianpetrescue: