Destructo Box — Strip Teased


All this talk of «cats» and «pickles» has Joey and Phil primed for some hot lady action. They quickly discover negotiating with strippers can be difficult. Take it off! New Podcast featuring Chad «Bear Warrior» Quandt: Destructo Box is created by Joey Reinisch and Phil McLaughlin Destructo Box on Facebook! and Twitter!

This is what happens when you flail around and mash Mouse 1.

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50 комментариев на “Destructo Box — Strip Teased”

  1. slayer99757:

    wtf was that in the corner???

  2. TR011Z0rLOLZ:


  3. saggese17:


  4. Deflage:

    Take it off!

  5. legostar9090pk:

    has anyone noticed that pickles is the cat bear warrior killed?

  6. 2drops0fwater:

    it the monster that lives in their house

  7. ShovelPwned:

    NO WAY! I GOT THE 1337 LIKE!

  8. daizhaun239:

    im the 86 500 vewer and 1334 like

  9. sophielara2006:

    false cigarette, so cool

  10. mrlaffsmilez:

    There’s a fucking pickle creature at 2:03

  11. konnii1:

    pussy bacon

  12. MrStevie9090:

    Okay if anyone read the missing cat paper, it’s ment to joked as a penis xD

  13. CapnAwesomeMan:

    Im guessing the cat would be the one bear warrior attacked

  14. JJAX445:

    Looks like minecraft (facepalm)

  15. The01True20Gamer16:

    its the fridge monster

  16. 0HelixNL0:

    That`s a sweet moNoCle

  17. trikanov:

    feeling like a sir?

  18. abi1449:

    i realised that too! it was the first thing i noticed as soon as i saw the word pickles.

  19. abi1449:

    i saw it too! what the hell was that thing? it gives me the creeps, i will get nightmares. that thing is freaking me out’

  20. Tonoun1:


  21. SuperFkinIrish:

    OMG am i the only one who relised bear Warrior ATE THE CAT

  22. TheDrunkenIrishGuy:

    Wtf at bottom left at 2:04

  23. Prev96reviews:


  24. 13TESORITO:

    10,000 DOLLARS!

  25. 13TESORITO:


    ASSOCIATE, mmm hard word >.< hahaha

  26. 123manminecraft:

    press 6 for bear.

  27. chimp77gb:

    i wish i could favorite this video more than once

  28. Pikawika4444:

    i did that random on caspian border and i got a double headshot lets just say people within a mile radius could hear me

  29. devonster10:

    press 9 for buttonquia!!!!!

  30. COOLBEANS997:

    press 6 for wooly mammoth

  31. COOLBEANS997:

    you forgot the part that kootra mocks everyone who claims to be «mlg»

  32. ODSTtrooper118:

    MLG no scope lens flare

  33. nchidoub:

    it was the lensflare.

  34. KittehMeow444:

    Does Nova have to posses him in every Lowlight video?

  35. ViPeRxProductions7:


  36. ViPeRxProductions7:

    MLG isn’t to do with battlefield but it involves all games cause MLG stands for Major League Gaming

  37. OpenlySupportingGays:

    MLG is in about every game….

  38. 11290lars:

    What does MLG mean? I am not realy a BF3 player

  39. deadrising246:

    keep pressing 4 and sounds like a goofy laugh

  40. oddsenHELL:

    not that amazing that he did a no scope in BF3 but still he is amazing cuas of the reaction

  41. DubandBass100:

    MLG Hyperventilation!!!

  42. CursedZebra:

    What is that noise at 0:09? All the creatures do it so I was wondering if it is referencing something.

  43. oxXMinecraftGamerXxo:


  44. Lucky73096:

    ke uh ke uh ke uh ke uh

  45. nicolas8130:

    press 1 and all the different numbers

  46. redviper98:

    high horsing it up!

  47. koolc52:


  48. campingXBL:

    needs moar dubstep

  49. ViPeRxProductions7:

    0:23 llllllllllolololololololollllll

  50. MrClacy88:

    Press 1 then 3 to the difference