Before It’s Too Late — Mini Marsupials


Australia is famous for its wonderful wildlife. Kangaroos, koalas, emus, and crocodiles. But its wildlife is much more diverse than many people realise. While we are all familiar with the icons, many people fail to be aware of the amazing array of Australia’s Mini Marsupials, the numbat, the chuditch, the woyly and the honey possum to name a few. But these tiny marsupials are under threat of extinction from land degradation and from feral animals. Australia has the worse record of native flora and fauna extinction in the world. 95% or arid zone animals have disappeared. The reason uncontrolled land clearing. Many conservationists point accusing fingers at Brazil and Indonesia for their so called reckless attitude to forest degradation but Australia is up there with the worst of them, uncontrolled land clearing is as bad if not worse than anywhere else in the world. Add to this the incredible threat to endangered species of introduced predators like the fox and cat and the result is mass destruction of native animals. It is estimated that some 36 billion small animals fall victim to feral cats and foxes every year. But there are those who are acting to save these Mini Marsupials before it’s too late. In this programme we see the beautiful but fragile honey possum, the only possum to live solely on the nectar . For the first time, using infra red cameras we se what these mini marsupials get up to when they think no one is watching. We see the woyly that can eat plants that
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Sushi and Panda horsing around this morning.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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9 комментариев на “Before It’s Too Late — Mini Marsupials”

  1. Sara3346:

    All of this is why importing animals or exporting them from australia is entirely illegal but this this is madness and Foolishness , Lunacy ect… When applied to the bearded dragon as they are incredibly common….in Australia but having a hard time as pets outside as due to their gene Pool!

  2. Sara3346:

    The foxes may be bad but the rats and goats are much worse; Sir in all sincerity they have ruined things and people trying to «help» only poisoned the lad through baiting wich all sorts of things ate not just the intended victims…. Later they thought the Cane toad would help wow they did a good job….

  3. sweetab24:

    that breaks my heart all those foxes killed. that’s ridiculous. i dont care what they say that is wrong beyond belief.

  4. DestrIGNo101:

    (cont. from b4) i mean look at how cute those little things are! U can’t get rid of the animal with the largest testies compared to his body size, i mean thats absurd!

  5. DestrIGNo101:

    stupid politicians, they just want money from us to fight a war that SHOULD have nothing to do with us (and other things mind u) rather than using the money to save our wondrful animals

  6. MrCriticOfAll:

    Love , dedication and knowledge VS war , weapons and death.When are certain countries going to stop wasting trillions on fighting and learn that we have a whole universe thats saying spend your dollars here.We now have another useless tax to fund our troops in Afghanistan which could be used to fund these important projects.The day relegion is wiped out is when human kind will come together.

  7. 542513:

    Second…is the new first! 

  8. 200600258:

    m the first 1 to comment.. wow!!!

  9. linz457:

    Awww, they are adorable! What a nice little play area they have lol 😀