Getting morning love from the lions


Noam and Tom showing lots of love.
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24 комментария на “Getting morning love from the lions”

  1. Ezeh07:

    They were horny… that’s why..

  2. Lulka332:

    sweet and cute i think so lions are not wild

  3. wes2k8vy7:

    wow this guy gets alllllllllll the pussy (not in a sexual way)

  4. littlenikki24:

    im kinda scared 

  5. TheDarkVoids:

    I find it funny.

  6. DhanKOTB:

    Scar and his army of hyenas disliked this.

  7. outofbodyexperience:

    You wrote all that nonsense while the dude already showed in the vid that he’s cuddling with lions. He obviously knows what he’s doing!

  8. spacheco92:

    i feel like a voyeur. am i interrupting something?

  9. TheTrueChosenJew:

    Dang, I just realize, thats 2 MALE lions! If your gonna have a big cat, try to have FEMALES. Thats pretty dangerous. But then again, its pretty simple. Just like any humans and pets, lions have personality. You need to have them when they are cubs and figure out if they are pretty docile, friendly, and laid back personality.If thats the one you got, then you have nothing to worry about, else if u got one who is very restless, and aggressive,then give himher away to zoo or send it back to wild.

  10. Interioroutbreak69:

    never actually realised how big lions heads are

  11. MultiKesis:

    Aaawww… they r playing with their food before eating… How cute! ^^

  12. IncomeGDI:

    Lions are boring. I’ll bet they stink, too.

  13. GermanyJumpstyler:

    that is just unbelivable

  14. codmw280:

    most lovely and also dangerous animal i ve ever see they are amazing

  15. TheKingo101:

    I would give anything to be able to do that!

  16. eddietarinjr:

    whoa. thats not very smart at all. and he people who are commenting on how cute this is… wow!

  17. sospurrrr:

    They love you 😀

  18. imhays1991:

    I want one, now

  19. urbiechic:

    Exclusiveop lions are pack animals so that would make them more canine like.

  20. exclusiveop:

    i know their cats, but when i see big cats like these, I always think of how they remind me of dogs…especially when their being all cute and cuddly like this. aren’t u ever scared, that one day they will hurt u by accident?

  21. Beatmaker216:

    damn he gets all the pussy..

  22. SlashAddict957:

    He looks sooo unamused XD

  23. SkullOfRoses7:

    freakin’ awesome!!!<3333

  24. KateSmiling:

    Here’s the thing I’ve come to learn about wild animals. Yes, they can be deadly, and no, we will probably never be able to domesticate them. But they are capable of love to humans. My assumption is that this guy has an immense respect for these animals and therefore understands that no matter how much they love him and want to cuddle, they are huge, wild cats, capable of killing him in a second. Doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy moments like these.