IGDaily — Nyan Cat, Tribes, Dinosaurs, Surgeons, Silicon — 7/15/11


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Sylvester the talking kitty cat celebrates his 4th birthday, as his owner (Steve Cash) struggles whether or not to give the gift of catnip. Flaggle Claggle.

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  10. xtremenerfer155:

    *CRACK* *SNAP* at the end

  11. icomeinpeacenot:

    I liked keyboard cat before it became mainstream

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  14. 91patty795:

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  15. Spikeheila:

    Primal Carnage > Project Blackout

  16. Milomia9:

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  17. BladeStrikes:

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  18. 91patty795:

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  19. TheFangxofSteam:

    Dino D-Day vs. Project Blackout: Dinosaurs?

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  23. ProdSpace:

    moar puppets

  24. noremacx8:

    New youtube bar makes it almost impossible to click the bottom row of links…

  25. wa7shq8ytrickshot:

    Happy birthday sylverster

  26. misscaitie19:


  27. anneemma4:


  28. GamingAddict820:

    Shelby: Sylvester tastes like Tuna Fish!

  29. imortalman14:

    when is it gonna be gibsons or shelbys birthday

  30. TheRexlycan:

    ECSTACY!!! XD LOL poor gibson 🙂

  31. giamama4:

    My Favorite Episode Happy Birthday Sylvester!

  32. legomeankitty:


  33. baley8967:

    my moms birthday is the same day as salvester

  34. SasukeIshMyne:

    I change my mind, Shelby sounds like a corrupted core for then GLaDOS. xD

  35. missymam321:

    i want some catnip! lets do this shit!

  36. Vanessa Gonzalez:

    lol poor gibson

  37. Diana Rach:

    happy bday i luv u Sylvester! did i spell thst right?

  38. theandym223:

    2:03 lol oh noooooooooooo

  39. oliver riddle:

    Happy birthday salvester crismas is up so get shophing!

  40. 454dasiy:

    lol 2:02 and shelby sylvester tastes like tuna fish

  41. Awsomeness22ish:

    omg happy b-day

  42. theandym223:

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  43. SuperBloodrabbit:

    omg love sylvester happy belated bday

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  45. superdude708:

    OH NO

  46. superdude708:

    the funnyist part is at 1.59

  47. 99abubu:

    happy birthday sylvester. hey guess what steve, my cats name is sylvester too.

  48. AnimeRose116:

    Mean Kitty Cat <3 the vid

  49. sammy2591:

    (Gibson) «Why is dry food so gross»
    (Sylvester) » Its because the pound kills cats then they dry and shred them and put them in a bag»
    (Gibson)» REALLY???»
    (Sylvester): «Really»
    (Gibson) 2:03