Oskar the Blind Kitten & Klaus: Feline Bromance in Omaha


Oskar and Klaus have become inseparable. They spend all day either cuddled up together sleeping, or playing together, or eating out of the same bowl. If you want a cat to lay on your lap, you better be ready to take two. It’s all very cute actually and we are so happy that Klaus has accepted Oskar! In these clips from December of 2011, Oskar is 7 months old and Klaus is around 8 years old (we are not really sure since he was adopted as an adult). As a bit of background info, Oskar was born completely blind (his eyes never developed) and Klaus’ right ear was damaged when he was a stray. Thank you for watching! You can find Oskar and Klaus on Facebook: www.facebook.com/BlindOskar You can also purchase Oskar the Blind Kitten merchandise here: www.cafepress.com/BlindOskar 100% of proceeds from merch sales will be donated to animal rescue organizations starting with The Cat House in Lincoln, Nebraska (former home of Klaus). Please visit www.thecathouse.org to find out more about this wonderful Midwest USA organization.
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25 комментариев на “Oskar the Blind Kitten & Klaus: Feline Bromance in Omaha”

  1. TheVampyreNinja:

    daaaaawwwwww!!! that was adorable!!!! :3

  2. sueintexas:

    I like the «cat servant» caption. I’m a cat servant to.

  3. YTnew2012:

    Oh get back to suckin’ my cock you little turd.

  4. pmasmuth:

    You are a jerk. Go away.

  5. cArl09Cs:

    emm i think that klaus wanna eat oskar

  6. keitaro105:

    sooooooo kind… i love your videos.

  7. alvisjasmin:

    wow!!! way to go…my fullest support…god bless ya..

  8. WulfBand:

    I don’t know how I went from watching UFO videos to Cat videos.
    Happens to me everytime I get on youtube 🙂

  9. RNmaimo:

    Looks like Oskar liked Klaus’ butt in his face 😀

  10. syderwarp:

    Klaus is like «u Arright brah!» =D

  11. Mick12321kciM:

    Yes, right downtown — pretty close to the river.

  12. Roulden:

    wait….u guys live in omaha?

  13. kdes321:

    i’ve heard there’s a cat that’s good for people with allergies. apparently the siberian breed produces less allergies 😀 i have allergies too but i tough it out haha. i love cats too much, i have 3. i just take claritin for pet allergies when it gets bad.

  14. SidheDragon:

    omg Don’t listen to that nonsense!! They’re your videos. Make them however you want. I think your viewership can stand the loss of 1 persnickety person. Psshh. You guys are awesome and so are your companions, Klaus and Oskar. Keep the videos coming and speak in them if you like. Sheesh!

  15. ELeeHamm:

    Aww, the babies! It’s so nice to see two cats that love each other 🙂

  16. JandJCJ2005:

    You know,there’s this awesome little thing called a mute button — use it if the sound and talking bothers you so much.The true awesomeness of cat videos is that there’s really no need for sound.

    Also,Oskar and Klaus are just too much cuteness to handle 🙂 — I wish my cats would cuddle like these 2 boys do!

  17. Mick12321kciM:

    Thank you so much for the kind words!

  18. Mick12321kciM:

    When we make these videos, our goal is capture the moment just as it happens. We’re not directing a scripted movie after all. Sorry, I guess we like to talk to the cats. Nonetheless, we will be more aware of this for future videos we post.

  19. Mick12321kciM:

    He probably does — cats do rely on facial cues quite a bit as a means of communication. Nonetheless, Oskar gets around so well that it’s sometimes hard to believe that he’s blind. He’s a good match for Klaus.

  20. Detomidine:

    Oskar and Klaus are just adorable, happy looking cats… 🙂
    Does Klaus realize Oskar can’t see?

  21. rick694uk:

    Nice to see Oskar is putting on some timber and looks very healthy. They both have a very special relationship. Love the fact that, like me, you would always go for the one-eyed/eared or three-legged cat at the rescue centre. Cool guys/cool cats. Thank you for your videos and please keep them coming.

  22. YTnew2012:

    I really don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but when people watch cat videos on YouTube, they really don’t want to hear human voices narrating the entire time. I love Oskar, but I can’t watch any of the videos where the man is speaking. His voice is WAY too loud (sounds like he’s about 1 inch from the microphone), and what he says is totally superflous — it’s like we’re hearing his thoughts. Who wants to hear him say «Come on Oskar», over and over? His vocalizations add nothing. Please stop.

  23. mercurialqueen0:

    Owww, that’s so beautiful! Why, oh, why can’t my cats get along?

  24. bikerchic650:

    1:40 — Klaus (to himself), «oh $#*!, they caught us spooning on video» lol

  25. Mick12321kciM:

    Thank you — that’s kind to say! They are an awesome cat duo!