How to play Nyan Cat on Piano


Download the sheet music: Credit goes to who arranged the music! Do you like these piano lessons? Just imagine my newly recorded longer premium videos to have on DVD or to watch online as a member. Order/Sign-up & learn more at

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25 комментариев на “How to play Nyan Cat on Piano”

  1. throwsand:

    Make one on how to play the «Eruption» section of Tarkus by ELP!

  2. Swiftclaw11:

    cant see what notes your playing properly cos your hands are almost flat 🙁 thanks 4 the note names tho

  3. VanilaCynamon:

    NOTES! Yes. ; D

  4. sora5800:

    Hey, Can you do a tutorial of Keyshia Cole ft. Alicia Keys — Only With You Please ???
    I Can’t find any tutorial, any sheet !! and I love this song !!
    Thank You !!! 😀

  5. RonaldDude12:

    «time to learn: forever» did annyone notice that?

  6. SmexyMLGSkillZ:

    can you do «some one i used to know»

  7. TheSponge36bob:

    LOL 1:00 estimated time to learn it : FOREVER

  8. Ang3cod:

    u dont make any more vids

  9. StanDolla:

    you’re awesome, buddy

  10. StaiRoknTimz:

    Ryan.. can you do a piano tutorial on GRACIAS A TI by Wisin y Yandel please?

  11. StaiRoknTimz:

    hey Ryan…. can you do a tutorial on GRACIAS A TI by Wisin y Yandel please..?

  12. rockensock619:

    Please play «Telling the World» by Taio Cruz

  13. TheFashionfreak5:

    you should do we are young by FUN. my favorite song.

  14. RodentNoms:

    Learning time for this song: a week or so if you keep at it.
    Learning time for playing this song Asian speed: who knows.

  15. MyLittleAlienWorld01:

    me and my friend are doing this for the talent show…. thanks VERY MUCH! 😀

  16. SarahSKullOfficial:

    Your call- Secondhand Senerade…Oh i need help playing this. I chose this song for my music coureswork but i am stuck on verse 1. I have to perform to my class on 1st May.PLEASE PLEASE! I’m begging you help mee.

  17. soniclover19:

    When I had you on Low volume I thought you like Kouya From Ouran Highschool Host Club

  18. RiceGamerZ:


  19. CloseAndFarAway:

    please please please do a tutorial of out of my league — stephen speaks!! my boyfriend’s birthday is coming up, and i plan to play it for him!! 😀

  20. bigupfish:

    Hey can you do the mario theme song?

  21. yummy791:

    Thank you so much I learned it fully!

  22. Egaaal2011:

    Eatimated Time to Learn : Forever
    Hahaha 😀

  23. itschocojacky:

    How long does it take to learn this song?
    Literally, lol

  24. yummy791:


  25. aircoaster:

    ok guys, i’m SO close to playing it at Asian speed