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How to play Nyan Cat on Piano


Download the sheet music: PlayPianoKing.com Credit goes to youtube.com who arranged the music! Do you like these piano lessons? Just imagine my newly recorded longer premium videos to have on DVD or to watch online as a member. Order/Sign-up & learn more at PlayPianoKing.com

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25 комм. на “How to play Nyan Cat on Piano”

  1. throwsand:

    Make one on how to play the «Eruption» section of Tarkus by ELP!

  2. Swiftclaw11:

    cant see what notes your playing properly cos your hands are almost flat :( thanks 4 the note names tho

  3. VanilaCynamon:

    NOTES! Yes. ; D

  4. sora5800:

    Hey, Can you do a tutorial of Keyshia Cole ft. Alicia Keys – Only With You Please ???
    I Can’t find any tutorial, any sheet !! and I love this song !!
    Thank You !!! :D

  5. RonaldDude12:

    «time to learn: forever» did annyone notice that?

  6. SmexyMLGSkillZ:

    can you do «some one i used to know»

  7. TheSponge36bob:

    LOL 1:00 estimated time to learn it : FOREVER

  8. Ang3cod:

    u dont make any more vids

  9. StanDolla:

    you’re awesome, buddy

  10. StaiRoknTimz:

    Ryan.. can you do a piano tutorial on GRACIAS A TI by Wisin y Yandel please?

  11. StaiRoknTimz:

    hey Ryan…. can you do a tutorial on GRACIAS A TI by Wisin y Yandel please..?

  12. rockensock619:

    Please play «Telling the World» by Taio Cruz

  13. TheFashionfreak5:

    you should do we are young by FUN. my favorite song.

  14. RodentNoms:

    Learning time for this song: a week or so if you keep at it.
    Learning time for playing this song Asian speed: who knows.

  15. MyLittleAlienWorld01:

    me and my friend are doing this for the talent show…. thanks VERY MUCH! :D

  16. SarahSKullOfficial:

    Your call- Secondhand Senerade…Oh i need help playing this. I chose this song for my music coureswork but i am stuck on verse 1. I have to perform to my class on 1st May.PLEASE PLEASE! I’m begging you help mee.

  17. soniclover19:

    When I had you on Low volume I thought you like Kouya From Ouran Highschool Host Club

  18. RiceGamerZ:


  19. CloseAndFarAway:

    please please please do a tutorial of out of my league – stephen speaks!! my boyfriend’s birthday is coming up, and i plan to play it for him!! :D

  20. bigupfish:

    Hey can you do the mario theme song?

  21. yummy791:

    Thank you so much I learned it fully!

  22. Egaaal2011:

    Eatimated Time to Learn : Forever
    Hahaha :D

  23. itschocojacky:

    How long does it take to learn this song?
    Literally, lol

  24. yummy791:


  25. aircoaster:

    ok guys, i’m SO close to playing it at Asian speed