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This is a parkour climb up instructional video In this video you can see two different cat positions and a few different climb up techniques. The tchniques shown in this video are done how I like to do or train them. I’m not saying that the way I do them is the best way, but for me they work. Try to find your own style and look for other tutorials also. I know there are lots of people who can do these techniques better than me. I also want to say that I have no idea if the terms I have used in this video are even close of being correct I hope this tutorial will help you even just a little bit with your climb ups. My second tutorial will focus on getting over the wall and on top of the wall. You can watch it from here: Here is my strenght for climb-up tutorial:
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  1. DManDuck007:


  2. Hasnain1F:

    Ya, Parkour is not about age. If you think it’s really difficult then try to do atleast 5 pullups in one set (For the power to pullup your self, or upperbody strenght). Try to wear hand bands (To protect lower part of hand, or upper part of wrist «If condition of wall is bad»). These things made me learn 2.3. Am 14y.o. 🙂

  3. MrGuybroman:

    yes i’m 13, it makes no difference, i can do 2.3 you can too, just work for it.

  4. calebsurfer:

    Lol just what I needed! Thanks!

  5. MrVanjacker:

    im just see this video just to escape from bullies LOL

  6. OpsXBlackx:

    this video helped me so mutch 🙂 thx

  7. Hurjapaa83:

    Thank you. That is what I would do. I would train 2.2 with both sides and strength training 2-3 times a week. After 2.2 feels easy I’d start training 2.3. In my opinion it is no shame to use 2.2 for the rest of your life. The difference in speed is not so big and if it feels a better style for you then why not use it in the future also.

  8. ashanirpaneer:

    Do u suggest I shud get fluent with 2.1 and 2.2 before I start attempting 2.3? Infact I can’t imagine that I’ll pull up myself that explosively to blast above the wall height. I’m not that light. Do you have any suggestions? Great video btw. Exactly what I was looking for and this helped a lot!

  9. DManDuck007:

    Would a 12 year old (almost thirteen) be able to do 2.1 easly?

  10. TheOnlyOfMyKind:

    i progressed, my feet dont slip away that easy anymore! i found out i have to press them against the wall all the time, dont know how to explain. also i think my shoes have very good grip. they are called «Domyos» and cost about 30€. perhaps this helps you

  11. MrJamison3300:

    yeah i dont wear gloves anymore

  12. Mellonator007:

    some callouses are good, but if you got a small patch of skin with a «rock» under it it may well be bad, but in general, a man needs a good pair of tough hands

  13. Mellonator007:

    same here, ive been trying to get more stable in the cat, i think its my shoes… there about to fall apart… and they got no grip, sad part is i got no money to buy new shoes, heads up if you got any tips or have gotten in tips:)

  14. Mellonator007:

    practise, practise and even more gddamn practise. any more questions:)??

  15. ThaMrFailer:

    i use to do it without… then i found up that if u scratch your hand… it will bleed… alot… then i started with glove power!!!

  16. ThaMrFailer:

    im always wearing gloves…

  17. TheWinnipegsk8:

    how in god damns name do you do that

  18. angeloszavier:

    I know how to wallrun but is not easy for anybody. But I can’t roll and I can land on the ground.

  19. TheOnlyOfMyKind:

    I like your tutorials, but i got a problem with the hanging in the cat position: my feet always slip away. perhaps you could give a tip a to avoid that? would be nice

  20. JhonyCyra:

    Hello I am Brazilian and I see the classes is still more difficult to understand because they do not know much of English I am using the translator to write

    Olá eu sou brasileiro e vejo as aulas mais mesmo assim é dificil de entender porque não sei muito de ingles estou usando o tradutor para escrever

  21. ivan40072:

    are any New Balance shoes good for grip on walls

  22. AtomicV3NOM:

    r u wearing free run 2s

  23. MrJamison3300:

    i wear gloves but they have open fingers and have very good traction i wear gloves because ive been getting really bad callouses

  24. souravsamanta1:

    parkour is about keeping it safe and fun , there are no dressing codes for parkour .

  25. TheJewishAssassin:

    I did this at my high school in the gym to get a basketball from the folding bleacher things and got down by jumping off and landing in a roll. My teacher looked scared and yelled when I jumped and it was awesome.