Dad tries to get Chipper to eat some …»tasty» breakfast. ****CONNECT WITH ME***** FACEBOOK MYSPACE TWITTER FORMSPRING! BLOGTV Music: Intro Music Music by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons «Attribution 3.0 Sound FX
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Pixel has taken to making this sound ALL THE TIME, but very specifically in reaction to the sight of any kind of animal. She is quite fond of cats of all types, we were watching a documentary on wild cats that I found on Netflix, and she was making this sound the whole time.
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25 комментариев на “MAN EATS CAT POOP!!!”

  1. kurruptSTL:

    advertisments = waste of time

  2. 16shadow816:

    My friend [Umb] eats cat poop also he plays Runescape

  3. Missy9646:

    That was so goo in your mouth

  4. KillersTheMan:

    Throwing up was sooooo fake

  5. jaydenjt0:

    Can you poop any

  6. austynbomb:

    aaahhhhhhh chipper ate cat poop!

  7. trainsanddominoes:

    BE A MAN

  8. DivineCrafters:

    Hold 2 for lip seizure.

  9. makaylafrost:


  10. MsAshleygonzales:

    I’m throwing up right now

  11. 306chase:

    43 People Ate Cat Poop.

  12. MLisjberg:

    The real forever alone
    lol, funny tho

  13. boblobbyfart1:

    THAT… WAS… FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. daddymonster1000:

    press and hold 7 for a funny face and sick

  15. KOFunky:

    Too good! He ate cat poop and puked like hell, I wouldn’t wanna clean that up!

  16. VideoUploader8520:

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww…….chipper just ate CAT poop!!!!yuck!!!!!!gross!!!!!!

  17. martster66:


  18. mrdretlu87:


  19. TheLotsofgames:


  20. fatal3322:

    how good did that taste mmmmmmmmmmmm

  21. momimdone:

    I’ll have bieber do that

  22. momimdone:


  23. SuperRebecca1963:

    Hahaha thats so funny

  24. georgiastylez:

    erhmmmm wot the hek woz tht green stuff 

  25. MindlessDanceQueen:

    what is that real throwup