Baby Monkey (Going Backwards On A Pig) — Parry Gripp


Grab the Baby Monkey iPhone game! You can see the original video here: The Baby Monkey video is property of Akihiro Nihonmatsu. Used here by kind permission. If you are interested in using this clip, please contact Akihiro Nihonmatsu through his YouTube user account here:

This Is How You Lock Your Fingers. Now Place The Locked Fingers Behind Your Neck. And Try And Push Your Elbows As Far Back As They Will Go. This Is Very Good For The Thoracic Vertebrae.

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30 комментариев на “Baby Monkey (Going Backwards On A Pig) — Parry Gripp”

  1. ramblnroxy:

    Well there is no god, but there is baby monkey 🙂

  2. ramblnroxy:

    I can’t help it. I love this. I will be forever enslaved to baby monkey.

  3. djushiii:

    No veas como le mola el jabalí

  4. macfeetie:

    When the world starts to go insane… I just watch this video… and things don’t seem so bad.

  5. ThatOneMinecraftian:


  6. nachosandicecream6:

    ridin on a pig baby monkey

  7. ElysiaJessica123:

    i know… ISNT IT GREAT! ;D

  8. ThatOneMinecraftian:

    You can literally FEEL Your IQ Dropping…

  9. mick shannon:

    song is class

  10. InsanelyIce:

    NO it’s Chuck Norris’ Pet!

  11. glassesfetish:

    best song ever!

  12. shaunticlair:


  13. Kingofdaheavyweights:

    hahaha wtf does that have to do with this funny video bro? get that shit outta here.

  14. YeaaaBuddaay:

    hahahha i ROFL !

  15. TheOnlyGrimz:

    I don’t think that monkey is riding on the pig.

  16. cheesey331:

    well good

  17. MrThunderPanda:

    I laughed so hard i almost died when I saw this! xD

  18. TheOnlyGrimz:

    Best part is when she say baby monkey

  19. EvilHiddenOne:

    Best ringtone ever.

  20. 101nike1:

    Why does my bacon taste like shit!?

  21. RabiaLuvsDisney:

    I luv this song and the app!

  22. Emily Berger:

    sooooooooo cute

  23. iamamangina:

    It’s Mooooooooooooonkey Tuesday!

  24. ilikeeden:

    Best 59 seconds of my life

  25. Spoofudge:

    NO WAY!…
    that kid is wearing crocs. what has our world come to?!?!

  26. ididi okpa:

    hi this is beautiful and easy to learn. thanks

  27. modeivan:


  28. alojley:


  29. MrLoveukareena:

    Hi shilpa i love u. I like your boobs. They are beautiful. You are looking very hot and sexy. Your yoga is awesome. I will try this at home.

  30. HeIsVikashPandey: