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25 комментариев на “RIPPING PHONEBOOKS”

  1. nightwolf3388:

    4 years ago

  2. RJC3930:

    Phone books, ah good memories,using it to hit a bug. Well that’s it no more memories.

  3. love4waterdragons00:


  4. wolfarmy2525:

    American pickets ftw win saaaannn

  5. wolfarmy2525:

    Whoa that’s so weird I go to shop rite and so do you and you go to bjs and so do I

  6. goldenpimp3113:

    wellllllllll when guys gone get married

  7. inuokamisan:

    American Pickers SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!

  8. reebokfan1234:

    at 5:41 i watch that show in the back on the tv

  9. Josiah Caulfield:

    i looked at a phone book several years ago 

  10. antoniaangelzhang:

    U were watching American pickers

  11. 0228caortiz:

    Did she say it’s getting thicker?

  12. RandomElementals:


  13. TOAGamer1:

    that face when she realized she was wrong

  14. trumancat1208:

    my cat sleeps like that too your cat isnt the only cat in the world that does that!!!!!!!!

  15. IpwnNublets:


  16. BlueBaby18:

    I love when Jesse does is cookie dance.

  17. Dopey1697:

    They are cooking dinner at 12:48

  18. FayazRahaman:

    This is one of the only blogs I can find with 100% likes o.O

  19. IM3THODZ:

    my cat does LOL

  20. codmaster1553:

    why do you wach american pickers haha ?

  21. spencero99:

    at 2:58 it’s already ripped at the bottom

  22. Tonyo250:

    I used a phone book once to order PIZZA and draw in the phone book

  23. rarasisboomba123:

    You Guys Would Be Awesome Parents c:

  24. Eli Elezra:

    you need a child!!!!!!!!

  25. moopastey:

    was that the cherry hill DMV?