Dead Island Co-Op w/ Kootra, Nova, Ssohpkc, and Sp00n Part 30


Don’t forget to leave a Like and such guys! Click here for the Dead Island Playlist: Seamus, James, Sp00n, and myself play the Dead Island Co-Op. The game is actually pretty stable for being a 4 player game, which surprised me. Creature Cats. Nova: Sp00n: ssohpkc:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 комментария на “Dead Island Co-Op w/ Kootra, Nova, Ssohpkc, and Sp00n Part 30”

  1. xEpicNaNo:

    They are facing a new zambie. A new type of enemy. They call it the fatty. BEWARE OF ITS WRATH OF FATNESS.

  2. Lighthouse418:

    cool story bro, I for one dotn mind watching 1 15 secound ad if it gives kootra money, shit even if it didnt I would not mind.

  3. BASKETBALLplayer2507:

    Whoever did that Mario impression at 3:51, that was perfect!

  4. MO2SKY:

    …Not really…:?

  5. fatsanta05:


  6. MO2SKY:


  7. masteroftheduke:

    pause it at exactly 6:12 youll see a zombie thanking the lord

  8. f5td5:

    Kootra: Oh my goodness what is that
    Me: Its spoon.

  9. rambo7149:

    hey, cmere u fat bitch 😛

  10. rambo7149:

    me and……. kootra are here nice work forgetting his name sp00n >:(

  11. waldolalala:

    that’s the boomer of left 4 dead

  12. donamater:

    you do realize 1-2 hits kills all walkers and infected any other type and its ok to wig out on them and spam rage

  13. bryanongyk:

    Yeh I know I watched till 33 I didn’t see I last time

  14. theownagification:

    32 is out it has been out -.-

  15. bryanongyk:

    Me want 31 🙂

  16. SarcasticVG:

    only if you bought it off of steam i think you can buy it from Gamestop Digital and on Origin

  17. theownagification:


  18. CrazyGrim1992:

    Do I need steam in order to play online?

  19. MrCrolen:

    I thought sp00n and kootra were going to double team the fat guy…..

    *sigh* That would have been interesting

  20. NyxOOX:


  21. fatsanta05:

    Unfortunately, it’s not just 1 person with adblock. Kootra won’t lose any money, but it’s a small thing that you can do to thank kootra for spending his time and making these. It’s not the law, it’s just a nice thing to do.

  22. funnypigglets101:

    the kinf of people your playin with

  23. iMadeThisForUs:

    @MomingStar Then don’t read comments section before you watch a video.

  24. OrcishTroll:

    Oh no, one person with adblock on! Kootra’s going to lose all of his money and go broke!