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25 комментариев на “SOMETHING EPIC!!!”

  1. SFBL1:

    That cat was so cute and sweet.

  2. churchdrummer156:

    u guys are the best…so funny keep up the vids…hurry up and marry gina

  3. ScootFTW1:

    What Video of nice peter are u in

  4. IceSiberiya:

    i just sent ya’ll some mail SAAAAN! should arrive next week SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

  5. psichoparano:

    jeana looks pretty in the begining of the video

  6. cacalai0703:

    You are much more handsome now 😉 not like this at least!

  7. Nilay49er:

    David stamper
    My name is Nilay
    N u just added a h at the end like Nilayh

  8. NavalCrab:

    6:51 Albert Einstein in the backround?

  9. david stamper:

    nilayh gone white

  10. Alya Taha:

    It is sort of stupid, well actually………VERY STUPID

  11. jcmnica2007:

    cali we say flipping a bitch

  12. zb145:

    im sorta like seven eleven. I’m not always doin buisness, but I’m always open

  13. jakemann21:

    5:39 dayummmnn dat assss

  14. jakemann21:

    this was uploaded in 2012? lol

  15. rochelle699:

    thums up if your watching this in 2012

  16. RobertAlanMacDonald:

    yo! over her in my hood we calls it doing and illegal U-turn….ya feel me?

  17. Loving1468Life:

    nicepeter!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  18. MrBryamr23:

    U where a spartan

  19. Trinityblade190:

    .. Jeez, I was just asking a simple question.
    You didn’t have to say that.
    How can I be dumb for asking a question? Hmm?.
    Or is a question too much for your brain to comprehend? -.-.

  20. alyssaroxxd:

    @trinityblade190’re fucking dumb

  21. luckyshot5:

    their friend Jesse looks totally like Tory Black

  22. Trinityblade190:

    How so? O.o

  23. silentjester94:

    Was that Albert Einstein in 7 Eleven?!

  24. silentjester94:

    Was that Albert Einstein in 7 Eleven?!

  25. HyperCam3Vids:

    5:40 DAT ASS!