Farcry 2 w/ Kootra Ep. 17 «GOLD Jeep»


Remember to send over a like and such, it helps the cats hunting for the Jackal…..he is clever. Here I am playing through Farcry 2 in preparation for Farcry 3. I have played through this game at least 10 times on xbox, including Infamous difficulty. So this should be good.

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25 комментариев на “Farcry 2 w/ Kootra Ep. 17 «GOLD Jeep»”

  1. theSlyandNovaKID:

    «sniff» Kootra AKA The Zebra killer

  2. badvsevil100:

    My name is Zachary

  3. pasanamana2:

    «Oh hey there mr. zebra!… sorry about that»

  4. Roach09d:

    Damn you just got your new gold car for a drive and you hit someone after 100 meters :))

  5. ChrisJr62501:

    You could of fell asleep on till day time and you can really see the gold

  6. MrJagger723:

    I got a FUCKING different language ad that is messed up. 😛

  7. GoldenZero98:

    4:55 kootra almost hits tree. «Don’t Wanna hit that car».

  8. SolinariXi:

    Ummmm, the russian model AK47 is reknowned for its durability and dependability. It has the highest chance of working even when rusty or damaged…=/

  9. StefanKerrigan:

    Does he already have te as50?

  10. minecraft musican:


  11. THS1537:

    You obviously haven’t played Morrowind.

  12. SnitchKillers:

    This… game… has the absolute WORST voice acting I’ve ever heard!

  13. Frisbe Gisby:

    Kootra: NO ONE TOUCHES MY CAR (crashes into person) OH NO

  14. skate047:

    yea there is

  15. Piggynom:

    no ep 16?

  16. NihilisticCynic:

    Its funny, I can have a fucked up day (like today) watch Kootra play a damn game, and somehow, I feel better. Good job Kootra, good damn job.

  17. Thevideogamenerd90:

    does kootra know that aks dont jam no matter what

  18. ShadowRikuza:

    Well, that’s because I live on an island yet do not speak the dialect so I’m kinda used to fully wording a sentence. Also, I write too much in comment bars so I always use punctuation as to not look like a fool. I get that you want the internet to have better writing and respect that because I want it too. The problem is, the way the grammar Nazis interject into peoples comments to point out an error is sort of irritating.

  19. buczeksgaming:

    im a new channel and i play minecraft, happy wheels, and a bunch of other things plz check out my channel, up to 1 or 2 vids daily!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Abgen18:

    Thank you. Even if you disagreed you put your thoughts down in a coherent manner. True «Grammar Nazis» want everyone to do everything their way. I don’t want that. I just want a few rules of grammar to be remembered. If everyone typed like you, I wouldn’t mind. Why? Because I can understand what you wrote!!

    You see what I’m getting at? Little rules here and there can be followed for more open discussion. That’s all I’m asking for. Taking 3 extra seconds to look over a sentence helps all.

  21. ShadowRikuza:

    you do know that many of the users of you tube don’t have English as their first language and that English is in fact, one of the hardest languages for non-speakers to learn. This being due to some of the very things you pointed out. Grammar Nazi are welcome to come back to the internet when all humans speak one language but until then, no one likes them.

  22. TheEpicman2006:

    here is that so called clusterfuck of words you ordered im not using any grammar skills of mine so im saying to you that let people be like they were intend to be you cant make people use (,) or (.)
    Thank you, for being an asshole!

  23. reduceuse:

    Wrong Nazi.

  24. motherfucker734:

    your a nazi so fuck off and stop hating jews!

  25. Bojka4:

    you stole my idea!