Creatureland Episode 23 (RCT3)


Remember to leave a like, or the cats will find you. I begin construction of a Theme Park Tycoon. With a loan and a patch of land, I will create the greatest thing the hit this earth since disneyland…..and it will be called: CREATURELAND!!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Creatureland Episode 23 (RCT3)”

  1. earlie789:

    You should’ve done sandbox mode, but you had to forget to open thatvatm

  2. earlie789:

    It’s the black jeffree star

  3. Transmittedrocker:

    nvm the elephants didnt break out im a dumb

  4. Epicoaster:

    2:50 I forgot about-WOAAH!!!!  xD

  5. SirChris314:


  6. carlitomaca:

    3:20 Meh, the Pharaoh’s Curse is TEN TIMES better.

  7. wanttobeavampire1:

    if it wasnt they wouldn’t have animal planet the tv show.

  8. Cy37Seth:

    Are you STUPID?! o.e


    My brother saw my dog eat a lizard. Yes, its legal.

  10. sgtbird09:

    Well, technically speaking, humans are animals, we just have a higher average IQ than other species. I LOVE TO EAT TEH BACONZ!!! So yes, it is totally legal!

  11. TheGamingJuicebox:

    wow…u must love watching blowjobs and handys p.s i went to see what was the site =D

  12. naruto1236947:

    is it even legal for children to see animals eating other animals

  13. pkmnguy2010:

    MrRorz47! Y U NO SPELL NO CORRECTLY?!???!

  14. pkmnguy2010:

    not as bad as the gay O2 guru ads

  15. pkmnguy2010:


  16. Pencerification:

    Dancing bear is a porn site

  17. 314Marvin:

    Don’t forget machinima, and any other affiliations.

  18. tantorecords:

    Yeah he does. His money comes from the partnership program, not advertising. You Tube make their money from advertising.

  19. fax160:

    and then kootra gets no money…

  20. snjolaugur:

    @tantorecords yeb it works i am now like haha he had a ad

  21. knowtoknow:

    Look in the bottom right at 10:39 😀

  22. 123nickthegreat:

    open the toliets

  23. TubbyBat:

    he should put the hippo in the unreal engine

  24. nightbane2:

    He has to find such a huge place for Creature World!
    Like….. about 10 miles in every side!

  25. Epicoaster:

    I love 2:54