Farcry 2 w/ Kootra Ep. 4 «GUNS!»


Remember to send over a like and such, it helps the cats hunting for the Jackal…..he is clever. Here I am playing through Farcry 2 in preparation for Farcry 3. I have played through this game at least 10 times on xbox, including Infamous difficulty. So this should be good.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Farcry 2 w/ Kootra Ep. 4 «GUNS!»”

  1. camjam091:

    oh well everyone makes mistakes

  2. camjam091:

    im playing it on my ps3 now
    as in at the time of typing

  3. Derkensteino:

    It is on PS3…

  4. domanddev:


  5. evilchicken1945:

    what kootras character needs is a flashlight

  6. tylintheprodigy:


  7. machoke4444:


  8. wiserdead:

    It means Downloadable Content i think

  9. MonkeyManWill:

    I think the Sawed Off is a reference to Mad Max.

  10. conecito1107:

    Why don’t you google it? And yeah..You’re a Noob

  11. TLBGproductions:

    downloadable content

  12. beemanz123:

    pills here!

  13. exoticzaczilla:

    dont think of me as a noobb i just dont know what dlc means lol whats dose it mean XD

  14. money1attak:

    In a way just you never really need to restock on pills, once in a while and thats it, plus you instantly take the pill when it acts up, so not really like zombrex where you need to search. But just where you take it. Hope that helped.

  15. araxonxD:

    u also like the dart gun, its fun messing aruond with

  16. realdenni199:

    Kootra hes not from Russia 😛 Yugoslavia is a former connection of countrys located besides Italy

  17. EllicottCityATeam:

    If only finding diamonds were this easy in minecraft…

  18. SuicidalWhale1:

    hes not on infamous difficulty hes on normal

  19. ShadowRikuza:

    Hey, is the malaria thing like Frank’s need of zombrex in Dead Rising? You have to take it every time it acts up right (and yes to the trolls who will notice this I know Kootra’s character is also named Frank). That will and some difficulty to this game lolz.

  20. ShadowRikuza:

    I remember him saying infamous was glitched, why would he play on that. Last episode he said friends glitch and shoot you in the face.

  21. SleepIsForbidden:


  22. Xevilduck5000X:

    Must have misunderstood the beginning then.

  23. dragonlife24:

    hes not on infamous hes on normal

  24. Xevilduck5000X:

    I thought you couldn’t quick save on infamous difficulty?

  25. MrMephls:

    when i bought it a month ago it was 20 bucks it recently went down i guess i could’ve saved money -_-