7 Июн 2012г.

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GeekBeat.TV #331: revision3.com Spotify gets its own apps, custom-built robots are ready to take over the world, learn all our video secrets, a cat bed for the 21st century, and a gadget that watches your eyes while you drive! Watch our holiday gift guide playlist here: www.youtube.com 00:33 Spotify Apps Spotify is adding music-related apps to their service, to bring you things like lyrics to the songs you enjoy. You can download their app store here. 01:04 Custom Robots Want your own robot, built to your specifications? Here’s a service that will do just that! 01:49 Geek Beat Video Workshop Do you do video for your work, or are you interested in starting your own video show on the web? We’re holding a workshop at our studios to share all our secrets! 02:35 eSleeper Cat Bed The eSleeper is a cat bed built from an old eMac, with a feline-soothing light show — it even tweets when the cat leaves the bed. 02:58 Driver Eye Tracking The Tobii system keeps a watch on your eyes while you’re driving to make sure you aren’t too tired or distracted. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ See our holiday gift guide: geekbeat.tv Like, Comment & Share Today’s Episode: www.youtube.com GeekBeatTV #326: revision3.com Find us everywhere! Facebook, Twitter & YouTube! Cali on Twitter: twitter.com Cali on Facebook: facebook.com GeekBeatTV website: www.geekbeat.tv GeekBeatTV on Twitter twitter.com GeekBeatTV on Facebook: facebook.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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