Feed the kitty


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24 комментария на “Feed the kitty”

  1. destryridesagain:

    My favorite Chuck Jones cartoon ever…I miss the OLD cartoons…these are great…and still entertaining…for ANY age….

  2. TheOGMG:

    The mom’s foot tapping is deeply embedded in my memory. Whenever I’m losing patience w/ someone, I think of this scene! LOL! This is my favorite Merrie Melodie!!!

  3. aeliayousaf:

    1:49 — 2:10 is the best lol that skinny mouse is jokes

  4. RFDbehindme:

    After all these years, this is still my favorite cartoon!

  5. chr5210:

    Poor Marc Anthony the dog lost a little kitten.

  6. methaphisic:

    I laughed so hard with the reference!

  7. yourmomsstalk3r:

    South Park brought me here.

  8. spiritgirl41192:

    0:35 I want that kitten. 1:04 Dawwww.

  9. 13lackfriday:

    I remember a scene like this in Monsters Inc. It’s nice to see great animations borrow from each other 🙂

  10. DanskAlex:

    me too, friend! i have even cried when i saw it, it’s very special for me!

  11. teamcinema2:

    @Catmannj1 chuck jones didnt make this cartoon sharles jones did but he is a genious

  12. pdfsio:

    lik dis if you cry evrytim

  13. Jmbabcock88:

    I could say the EXACT same thing @tjkrupp! Just found this and I am sharing this with my kids for the first time. All time FAVORITE! =)

  14. curszondax:

    beautiful cartoon

  15. AnIndianNamedJones2:

    i love Marc Anthony’s reactions x3

  16. MaTchBoOkPoEt:

    the cure for a bad day

  17. MaTchBoOkPoEt:

    the cure for a bad day

  18. SurferJoe1:

    @moratango81 «Ain’t She Sweet» throughout the first minute, and repeated throughout; music box theme at about 3:23 is «Oh, You Beautiful Doll»; «Shortenin’ Bread» at 3:52; also throughout: the lullaby is «Sleep, Baby, Sleep». Several classical pieces I don’t know during the tragic part.

  19. leopoldvs:

    I love you Mark Anthony 🙂

  20. ginlover92545:

    @moratango81 thank you I just looked up the song cute song perfect for this song cartoon again THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 🙂

  21. moratango81:

    @ginlover92545 The first song is named Aint she sweet? And the second one I don´t know.

  22. youngmasterDX:

    they don’t make ’em like this anymore:( AWESOME VID good ‘ol days

  23. samusai:

    I believe that is the thing that inspired that scene. If you watch the two back to back Sully and Marc Anthony have the same facial expressions scene by scene.

  24. rkmugen:

    His face at 3:41… LMAO!!!  XD