14 Мар 2012г.

Part of a video walkthrough for «Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy». In this part, Nancy is woken up late at night by Casper the squirrel. She chases him up a tree and retrieves the Golden Bug starburst token. Yes! While climbing down from the tree, Nancy oversees a secret group meeting, with members all wearing cloaks. Day Two starts with Nancy getting a Black Cat note, finding Danielle’s second Black Cat note, along with the state of Oklahoma. Nancy then goes outside and finds a barrette belonging to one of the people at the cloaked meeting. The video ends with Nancy talking to Izzy Romero about the barrette and various other things.
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So I’m not sure Trailer’s the right word…it’s more like an introduction video to my fanfiction. But what it really is is me not feeling like describing the cats so I made a short video of them. Anyways, I don’t own CATS and never will despite how much I wish I did. Sorry if this video isn’t the best. My original one was taken off because of copyright issues with Aly & AJ’s music. PS my story will be posted on Quizilla under the username xoBellaxNotteox and FanFiction.net under the username of BellaxNotte. Keep an eye out.
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Don’t forget to leave a Like and such guys! Click here for the Dead Island Playlist: www.youtube.com Seamus, James, Sp00n, and myself play the Dead Island Co-Op. The game is actually pretty stable for being a 4 player game, which surprised me. Creature Cats. Nova: www.youtube.com Sp00n: www.youtube.com ssohpkc: www.youtube.com

Jungle Jack Hanna joins the SnakeBytesTV crew for the day and shows us animals like Snow Leopards, Clouded Leopards and other sweet animals that he works with at the Columbus Zoo. I know it’s not a snake or reptile show this week, but we’re all animal lovers and these are some incredible animals!

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