Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy (Part 11): Climbing Trees, Day Two


Part of a video walkthrough for «Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy». In this part, Nancy is woken up late at night by Casper the squirrel. She chases him up a tree and retrieves the Golden Bug starburst token. Yes! While climbing down from the tree, Nancy oversees a secret group meeting, with members all wearing cloaks. Day Two starts with Nancy getting a Black Cat note, finding Danielle’s second Black Cat note, along with the state of Oklahoma. Nancy then goes outside and finds a barrette belonging to one of the people at the cloaked meeting. The video ends with Nancy talking to Izzy Romero about the barrette and various other things.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

So I’m not sure Trailer’s the right word…it’s more like an introduction video to my fanfiction. But what it really is is me not feeling like describing the cats so I made a short video of them. Anyways, I don’t own CATS and never will despite how much I wish I did. Sorry if this video isn’t the best. My original one was taken off because of copyright issues with Aly & AJ’s music. PS my story will be posted on Quizilla under the username xoBellaxNotteox and under the username of BellaxNotte. Keep an eye out.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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48 комментариев на “Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy (Part 11): Climbing Trees, Day Two”

  1. schneider9997:

    ok izzy looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo old

  2. musiclover192011:

    awesome look at the title climbing trees its off of kingdom hearts 1

  3. yarah815:


  4. sunnylilac99:

    Do you have a girlfriend? I mean, not that I’d want to be your girlfriend. But I don’t find you repulsive or anything. I’m just sorta… curious.Like Nancy! Because I think you’d make a better big brother than a boyfriend. Wow. I’m even awkward on Youtube. Because I spend my life, holed up in my room with my laptop, watching Arglefumph (Mike). Not to be offensive, or anything, heh heh. «sigh»

  5. TheAllstar2009:

    its weird after i did this puzzle of climbing the tree, I tried to go to sleep again and got demerits for sneaking out

  6. sharontanyueting95:

    0:10 A squirrel outside the window?! «Something happens at the middle of the night?!» 0:13 squirrel turns its head, gets frightened and hids below the window lining. Lol! How can the squirrel heard your voice?! «IS THAT SQUIRREL!!! SQUIRREL COME BACK HERE!!! You have something that belongs to me!» Lol! 1:19 Oh! Did I pick the same wrong branch twice? Ok ok enough joking around this time I will get it for sure! Take a pic to see the order again!

  7. Hell92Girl:

    i didnt take a picture of the animal!!! 🙁

  8. MrsSuperCrazy1998:

    Poor Nancy )’:

  9. BSBgurl4ever:

    haha ‘i dont wanna go back to france minette was mean she yelled me all time’ lol XD i love this guyyyy and ive played that tooo 😀 i told on heather and got her fired.

  10. FeliLuddy:

    Tiiiiime is marching onnnn…..XD

  11. mapleure6:

    5:12 to 5:18
    Are you still even hired by Minette? O_O (I’ve played Danger by Design before =P)

  12. amsooldnot:

    @Smiliest i thought the sand men from Star Wars .

  13. AwzumSauce4:

    Same here Smiliest!! lol! Anyways, love your videos Arglefumph! They are so funny and helpfull!!

  14. Smiliest:

    sorry for spamming about harry potter, but cmon am i the only one who thought of death eaters when i saw the strange cloaked people? XD

  15. SaveTheManateesMC:

    @zerbrazlove Because the next ND game takes play in Ohklahoma, Nancy Drew: Trail of a twister:)

  16. kaceykunalkjpup:

    «I’m busy.»
    «Oh,she’s busy…Busy Izzy.»
    Haha,that was very clever.

  17. hulasoup:


  18. IceQueen975:

    «Did I just pick the SAME wrong tree branch?»

    Yes. Yes you did. XD

  19. elephantasmic:

    Um, Nancy? People don’t climb trees like squirrels. What may be the right way up for a squirrel, could be disastrous to a human.

  20. elephantasmic:

    press 8 on your keyboard while watching this video to hear izzy say psycho in an alien voice.

  21. holliztr831:

    A while ago my brother watched this with me, and during the part of the people with robes and stuff, I chanted, » Sacrafice! Sacrafice!» And after I said that my brother went,» Albino squirrel! Albino squirrel!»

  22. HungerGames2425:

    I <3 Casper!!!

  23. LPSRoxHad123:

    @EmilyLovesMakeup99 i know, corine is such a loser. shes so hard up for friends

  24. iSporkish:

    Hmm… I wonder if Nancy ever noticed that she doesn’t weigh the same as a squirrel and that she has a better chance of breaking the branch than the squirrel does… so using the squirrel as a guide for climbing up the tree doesn’t help her out that much, hah.

  25. amsooldnot:

    when i saw those people in cloaks i thought ‘cult!’

  26. LadyMabbly:

    I love this song!

  27. jacobbrent796:

    @brittyandemi3 hahah 

  28. jacobbrent796:

    @brittyandemi3 <3

  29. brittyandemi3:

    @jacobbrent796 true dat true dat!!!!!!!!

  30. jacobbrent796:

    @brittyandemi3 oh then sorry but I’m gonna say different cause I would like it better if they stay @ the junk yard wouldn’t u cause there would be dancing and singing every night and if u have seen the AWESOME music they sang and danced to in the movie imagine every night….it would be heven

  31. brittyandemi3:

    @jacobbrent796 no if you look up the plot it says at the end that they go back to there neighbors, its a one night thing!!!!

  32. jacobbrent796:

    @sasukenut who’s Magical Mr.Mistoffelees’s

  33. jacobbrent796:

    @mistoffle3496 HAHAH actually it’s Mistoffelees if you look in the credits u can see how it’s spelled

  34. jacobbrent796:

    @brittyandemi3 that’s not true they dont have owners if u listen to skimbleshanks the railway cat he seys stuff about once having an owner they all are in the junk yard cause they have no home and they found their way to the junk yard

  35. 007guy19:

    Um… No.

  36. NintendogsRox01:


  37. zerbrazlove:

    @journey4462 i think this is just about the movie. Griddlebone isnt in the movie, but i wish she was!

  38. zerbrazlove:

    @mistoffle3496 its spell mistoffelees….. but maybe there are lots of ways of spelling it like the name Katy (Katy, Katie, Katey)

  39. brittyandemi3:

    Actually i don’t want to sound like a bitch but they all live with owners but the jellicle ball all happens once a year if you want to see the real plot of this story just go to google and cats the musical and click cats (home) but yeah srry

  40. flamichifili:

    Fantaaastic! I love it! Demeter is my favourite. I also like Mungo, Rumple, and Munkus.

  41. balinneverfallin:

    i dont mean to sound rude or like a dumbass but this is too long to be a trailer

  42. mutinykitty:

    holy cow you are so right! weeirrd…

  43. MistoffeleesCyra:

    hey when do u think your fanfic will be up on fanficetion?

  44. triplem987:

    you spelled mistoffelees wrong

  45. AttaRosalocka:


  46. animesonggirl:

    i love your video … please lite me know when you fanfic is done … i would love to read it

  47. catwomanjellicle:

    its weird how the different dances work into that one song… = I never noticed that before.

  48. wmst3:

    you got all the cats except grizabella. Nice video, though.