Dead Island Co-Op w/ Kootra, Nova, Ssohpkc, and Sp00n Part 1


Don’t forget to leave a Like and such guys! Click here for the Dead Island Playlist: Seamus, James, Sp00n, and myself play the Dead Island Co-Op. The game is actually pretty stable for being a 4 player game, which surprised me. Creature Cats. Nova: Sp00n: ssohpkc:

Jungle Jack Hanna joins the SnakeBytesTV crew for the day and shows us animals like Snow Leopards, Clouded Leopards and other sweet animals that he works with at the Columbus Zoo. I know it’s not a snake or reptile show this week, but we’re all animal lovers and these are some incredible animals!

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50 комментариев на “Dead Island Co-Op w/ Kootra, Nova, Ssohpkc, and Sp00n Part 1”

  1. mrfanboy1997:

    He really was just dumb at the hatch bit…

  2. UltimateJ1313:

    The Legendary Creature Gang starts here.

  3. rambox255:


  4. TehJoninator5:

    @Cratorman REALLY but it is funny

  5. xRaiseTheRuth:

    my god that elevator part was just painful to watch

  6. JAM10409:


  7. Cratorman:

    The Creatures Aren’t the most adept at problem solving…..

  8. symz93:

    just finish watching nova dead island point of view,now watching kootra’s

  9. Drumz4Ever100:

    OFMG Look at the Fucking Map

  10. mesuhlikemusic:

    @sniperal03 Haha. Fez is Sly. He’s not in this video.

  11. ScreamPvP:

    kootra is really slow sometimes isn’t he?

  12. sniperal03:

    you guys sound like the guys from that 70’s show. where’s fez?

  13. overratedroblox1234:

    Kootra u blimd? The mini map!

  14. stormlife98:

    »That was a pimp,A PIMP»

  15. YahooSoccerj7:

    Im sorry but is it that hard to LOOK AT THE FREAKING MINI MAP

  16. bussenny123:

    now i’m watching this again 2nd time in 2012 😀

  17. Steel86Curtain:

    Im gonna try and watch all of them over again 😀

  18. TheFilmingInc:

    Day 20 I’m re-watching Dead Island playlist by Kootra 🙁 I’M GONNA NEED RESCUE SOON

  19. shawdow357:

    I was screaming my head off when he couldn’t get in the elevator

  20. chaotic86neutral:

    lmao, Seamus: «They’re dead, they don’t need it»

    «You’re promoting thievery before you even find what’s going on.»

  21. zzR3aLiTyz:

    i started to get angry at kootra’s stupidity ^_^

  22. IIVeNoMzZx:

    Character with the best fury……..Logan its where he throws unimited knives at targets!!! Epic!

  23. OxXSiide:

    this was sooooooo irritating cuz he was tryna get into the elevator when he didnt even need to. on the radar it told him to go somewhere and he wasnt even going to the right place for the whole vidd.

  24. livelyheartshere:

    I just got done with nova’s perspective of Dead Island onto Kootra’s perspective!

  25. FlyingCupcakeNinja:

    -.-‘ Kootra, theres this thing called a mini map in the bottom right hand corner, USE IT!

  26. InLoveWithMinecraft:

    you guys should make a montage of all the times chewy has been bitten

  27. MrDegrassifan100:

    Dis is cool

  28. Leonid43ify:

    6:03 cuttie

  29. Leonid43ify:

    0:35 don’t film me

  30. swereptiles:

    I would love to see you guys come to Sweden. Would be an awesome show, besides the climate is SO much different…

    Cheers from a big fan in Sweden!

  31. alucard6969100:

    Show me the articles and the one from cnn.

  32. sn8kecowboy84:

    He has been forcing alot of the bans. Hate Jack Hanna.

  33. alucard6969100:


  34. alucard6969100:

    No he doesnt. He believes that only repsonsible owners should have them. Get you facks straight.

  35. womsterr:

    Jack Hannah supports the python ban Brian. DUDE… WTF…really bro?

  36. MsMinchishi:

    this world is full of beautiful animals, all different shapes and sizes, however the majority of the human race makes the world look ugly. War, Hunting, burning down forests, when will it stop

  37. CrashArtSkillz:

    1:04 where they get the kangal dog from I thought they were illegal here???I so want one biggest an hardest dogs on the planet …in China they are biting 500lb tigers lol

  38. reesethesnakeman:

    @thestokesta this is from 2009…

  39. 100good2:

    Oh my god it’s so damn fuzzy.

  40. thestokesta:

    kels back yay

  41. SusScalesandTails:

    Im a little late Brian, but jack hannah is the worst. He used to kill snakes while he worked at the Columbus Zoo and sell his friends the zoo animals.

  42. PaperProdigy313:

    they should make a video of only chewy screaming like comment if you agree

  43. MultiAnimalChannel:

    @Starsonedge Lol i just came back from my hoilday and i got to go in the penguins enclosure and one stole my mobile from my pocket and toke it for a swim… -_-
    But it was cute lol

  44. AHUtch81:

    I swear watching that clouded leopard suck on a bottle almost made me cry
    Man points: -200

  45. XxAmayaSanxX:

    Jack Hannah YOU ARE MY HERO!!! Your Zoo Life videos added fuel to my fiery passion of animals 🙂 You are a wonderful teacher and I learned so much from you as a kid :)

  46. Starsonedge:

    lol evil penguins!

  47. chuckles731:

    love the bit where the snow leopard starts playing with the camera, it’s so sad that animals like that might not exist anymore in a few years, it’s good to see people like Jack Hanna working to protect them

  48. Eddieriv:

    @SneakySnakeLady Its because they used the sound of a penguin to make the sound of the raptors from Jurrasic park also dolphins. The T-Rex roar was that of an elephant

  49. check2wice:


  50. kara66murat:

    anatolian turkish dog the strongest dog in the world 😉