Docm77´s NEW Minecraft World Tour — Episode 64: Fast Forward


In Episode 64 of Docm77´’s NEW Minecraft World Tour, we speed things up! Minecraft Snapshot 12w05b: Be careful and do backups when using the pre-releases! There can be major bugs and unknown issues! Minecraft Version History: Visit the DocBox on: TwitchTV Important Info: Updated download links for Docm77´s Special Edition «Faithful 32×32» Texture Pack can be found in my channel description. Make sure to use the newest version of mcpatcher if you want to play with HD textures. Important Links: Update 1.2 Mob AI research: Schrödinger’s Cat: Super fast transportation tutorials: Get Jungle Biomes in old Worlds: Docm77´s Social Media: ———————————————————————————————- Twitter: Facebook: Google+: ———————————————————————————————— Music: Docm’s Theme by Chaosclub22 — Roller Coaster Mix: «Step on my Trip» from the Album «Everthinks A Ripple» Epic beats by DubFx! http Support Indie Music!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Docm77´s NEW Minecraft World Tour — Episode 64: Fast Forward”

  1. nonfaker:

    hey docm77!

    just wondering if all of your elevators work in SMP too..?

    thanks for answers!

  2. NeonOrange456:

    Please come check out our channel to help support us, we are new to the Minecraft/Youtube community and could really use some help with views/likes/favourites etc. Thankyou so much, have fun around youtube 🙂 (Like this comment to help others see :D)

  3. IAMVIM:

    he has a full stack of episods!

  4. archimedestesla:

    Love the roller-coaster bit at the end, you’r really getting very good at editing and film making.

  5. tuxino:

    This might help you pronounce ‘vines’ correctly. Think of wine. The grapes for it grows on vines, and the two words are related to the German word ‘Wein’ and pronounced very similarly.

  6. LumZumX:

    Hay wie hast du das mit deinen Wölfen gemacht das die mit den Pistons so aus dem Boden kommen`?

    Mfg Lars

  7. tiklemeelmo1231:

    @docm77 i can has 64 stack of new world tour

  8. TheSkrynx:

    the cat bug is caused by u taking damaged so they tele to you to save you!

  9. tomutwit:

    @Silentsnipe210 Oh yeah. so, backup, SPC, creative. Yeah. I see. I didn’t know cos I don’t watch EVERY episode, just about half.

  10. Silentsnipe210:

    @tomutwit He uses creative on a seperate file so on his survival mode file theres no cheated items or corruptions (idk how that would cause it but just in case), how did you not know?

  11. Juggernautskaykay:

    That montage needed more clips of spinning skele-zombie teams….

  12. tomutwit:

    I was severely impressed till you used Creative. I am dissapoint!!!

  13. SBRasterix:

    Epic vid :).

  14. TheGerogero:

    6:30 one of the trap doors on the lamp is wrong! :O

  15. darkage5:

    21:20-23:55 is pure magic doc. That musical interlude is blowin my mind. You got mad talent!!


    The way you say «You… heard it» sounds like you’re going to start singing! I always think you are! |:

  17. TLTutorials:

    Doc, endermen don’t attack during the day, they just teleport around all the time.
    They only attack at night. ^.^

  18. ThriceQuestioned:

    Docm, if you already cheated to get the jungle into your world, why don’t you use a world editing program to put all the biomes in the correct spot? The colors of your world around your base are hideous.

  19. Leehameo:

    stupid fucking sub-box…

  20. 5ilver42:

    now say «nuclear wessels»

  21. KnufeNike:

    Your voice just makes me calm down and be happy and along with the addition of the amazing gameplay, your videos are my by far favorite.

  22. brandonkruelle:

    For vines, say «aye» or «i» it makes a german W sound at the begining and the end you got right =P

  23. AlphanumericSheepPig:

    Hey doc. The correct way to say «vine» in English is the exactly the same way you say «wein» in German. And then «vines» in English sounds like «weins» in German.

  24. Jared12890:

    Just found your channel started watching at 11pm…its 4am now xD I subscribed to so I will never sleep 😀

  25. fisk0312:

    Will you record a video of you riding the entire rollercoaster when it is done?