Eddsworld — Eddsworld — MovieMakers


Tom buys an expensive camera and the gang have to earn their money back. For optional subtitles you can also see/vote for it here: www.newgrounds.com or here: www.eddsworld.co.uk
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 комментария на “Eddsworld — Eddsworld — MovieMakers”

  1. aczom2:

    @interupters no, inception is 3 layers down or more. that’s only 2. *troll face*

  2. CodenameSusaku32:

    what is the name of the starting song!!!!!!!1

  3. chuggacola8:

    i wish i could be apart of eddsworld id be tords replacement xD

  4. chocoletcannibals:


  5. Tiger9376:

    Not porn ay

  6. flyingdragon10:

    Kony 2012

  7. mxmeta:

    5:55 subtitle fail on thing

  8. sopapia111:

    If the camera cost their entire savings then how did they get enough money to buy the props like more cameras and editors and other stuff?

  9. househannah333:

    its ‘renouce thy name’ stupid blue hair chick

  10. WorthersOriginals:

    KONY 2012

  11. zakleo100:

    It looks like we have everythign we need,
    Lol everythign


    no one is saying it, so i will. HOLY SHIT CATS!!!! (look it up guys, tom’s brain at work!)

  13. andyyychi:

    im im andy but i dont like ducks i like penguins instead :p

  14. 0hananah0:


  15. SHADOWT64:

    Why is Christmas music playing at that one part?

  16. Minecrafter728:

    @IrishNinja64 Nice pun.

  17. mev200:

    Eh, im kind of attracted to Lauren, But that Shoe! His acting was just amazing.

  18. DEundertaker32:

    did anyone else notice the screen at 2:29 near the bottom

  19. RJBlueBreezy:

    Music at the beggininig?

  20. BenScarfStainton:

    Who saw shoe having a threesome at the end?

  21. MrYouSM:

    6:12 to 6:20 is priceless!

    » The space cats will kill us all!»
    » Kill us all?!»

  22. JosephInTheMiddle:

    Microwave at 6:59 says WTF