Cute and annoying kitten


So fluffy and so noisy! This is a video of one of my cats (Spike) when he was only three months old with my then boyfriend. Spike is 3 years and 8 months old now and still fluffy and noisy!
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25 комментариев на “Cute and annoying kitten”

  1. saueguden:

    That’s just adorable ^^

  2. TsakirisAlexandros:

    I love that «frrrrr» sound that they make when they feel happy!

  3. Meriamen:

    @tester6656 LOLLLLLLLLLLL

  4. Verrie77:

    He really loved your shoulder 🙂

  5. tester6656:

    @beastdude yes but he/she must wear a tiny pirate hat :)

  6. mrsupaflymoosie:

    aw man…i wanna kitten soooo bad now 🙁

  7. mayo15:

    daw!!! <3

  8. abductedbyaliens8892:

    sooooooooo cute…love that baby…adorable……

  9. kathryn2905:

    3:48 sounds like he is saying YEY

  10. kathryn2905:

    at the begginig when he first moews it like hes saying STROKE ME!!!!!

  11. JJFoxiTwiHard97:

    I, I Want To Jump But I Can’t!!! So I Will… MEOW!!! lol Aww x

  12. JJFoxiTwiHard97:

    @2432448123 My Cat Hated Everyone Apart From Me And My Mum And I Mean He REALLY Hated Everyone!!! Lol It Was Funny When A Grown Man Was Scared Of Him!!! lol x

  13. comose12345:

    is that Vinny from Jersey Shore?

  14. josielee191:

    @2432448123 i had a cat that was like a devil (only sometimes though) and her name was angel (ironically) i have a beautiful cat now like this cat……..did you choose your cat or did it choose you?

  15. diginglamb:

    It sounds like it is saying mew, like from pokemon. Can I buy your cat?

  16. 2432448123:

    i want cat like yours, becouse my cat is devil 🙁
    i don’t no why :((((((

  17. PinkArrow65:

    A splendid kitten indeed and very very cute! Thanks for posting such a funny video!

  18. 9Lejla:


  19. murphy9487:

    help. help todd!

  20. TipsyTulia:

    You should have kept the boyfriend. He was really nice to the kitten :-).
    Very very cute kitten =^^=

  21. smukase:

    awww he wants u to hold him XDDD

  22. tenzroll:

    thats so good there is still such carefull and nice people like this men. you made me feel better 🙂

  23. XNyuumiX:


  24. MegaRoshita:

    igual que mi gatito bello.son muy tiernos

  25. 1joelsa: