Jesse Eisenberg on Conan (2010)


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  1. csmars:

    lol i’ve never seen any of his movies, but his humor is hilarious!!! i don’t think he was uncomfortable. at first i thought the same, but as the interview continues, you can tell it’s just his style of humor, very deadpan in delivery. i like it! 🙂 and of course, his love for cats makes him even sweeter and more loveable!

  2. staralfur9:

    He seems very sweet, but also very uncomfortable. I would probably be the same way if I was on television like this.

  3. Ignacio279:

    @Silverice92 What I think is insulting is to speak bad things about someone when that person can’t answer back. He should have said something on the show, not when he was back in the US. He had time when they went to commercials. Besides a lot of Hollywood actors went to the show and they have never complained. Cameron Diaz, Mel Gibson, The Rock, Chris Hemsworth, Vin Diesel, Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, etc.

  4. Ignacio279:

    @SirV3nt I totaly agree with you. I’m from Argentina (I’m not spanish, although I speak spanish) and they didn’t laugh at them because they speak bad spanish it’s because of what they were saying. When Andrew sais «Que no me entere yo que ese culito pasa hambre» it means «I better not find out that your ass is starving», that’s why the audience laugh. Pablo tells him that he has to say this when they meet a spanish girl/woman, that is a compliment. It was a joke.

  5. juhutrallala:

    This is what I watch whenever I’m down. Never fails to lift my spirits 🙂

  6. oOangelinheavenOo:

    «What had changed dor you since `the social network´ came out?»  «Ive got more cats»
    Hahahahahahahaha, oh Jesse, I love that!

  7. sebeed:

    baby got back

  8. LordBuntaro:

    Jesse Eisenberg …

    1) If you understood Spanish,at least you’d know that nobody has laughed at you in Spain, but at least we know a facet of you, you’re a perfect stupid and a demagogue

    2) Spain does not owe nothing to your country, ok? Because to us the spaniards didn’t help us nobody, least of your country, which by the way, entered at the end of the war. Your country also supported the Franco dictatorship that we suffer for nearly 40 years

    Demagoguery, the joust, Mr. Eisenberg

  9. Silverice92:

    @MartinSawyer Based on most American’s reaction to this interview, I guess I’m the expert of sarcasm. 😛

  10. MartinSawyer:

    @Silverice92 You understand sarcasm as well as Jesse thinks he is funny.

  11. ValenciaFan1:

    He seems like a really, really nice person. I can see why Andrew Garfield is so glad to be friends with him!

  12. Silverice92:

    @SirV3nt I don’t think the translator is on when they were «trying» to speak in Spanish. Andrew was asking the meaning behind the phrase while both Justin and Jesse look confused. It looks like the translator is on right after they repeat the phrase in Spanish. To ask a foreigner to speak in jargon that only natives know… I don’t consider that very nice… plus the laughter right after is not helping the matter.

  13. SirV3nt:

    @Silverice92 Though I can understand where you are coming from — please don’t think that I haven’t attempted to see it from that perspective — but 2 things there are to consider here: firstly, he does have a translator (and with all on the spot of translations, there is a degree of error, though this is not the point I am trying to make) and secondly The culture gap is an easy thing to get confused over, but If you don’t keep an open mind, you can easily misinterpret one thing for another.

  14. Silverice92:

    @Venzilla I saw the video and you can clearly see the guys are uncomfortable. To me, they are making fun of them. Telling someone to speak in another language and then laugh at them is an insult.

  15. Silverice92:

    @MartinSawyer You want him to read a history book for what? Making a joke in Conan Show? Dude, you are way too serious.

  16. PlannedObsolescence:

    @MartinSawyer I think he meant Europe in general. Calm down.

  17. yosoyelMiguel:

    .i. for jesse

  18. MartinSawyer:

    Jesse you are complete morond. USA didn´t help Spain in the II WW at that time it was ruled by the facist General Franco and he didnt participate on th WWII, it was in the Spanish Civil War when some americans tried to help the republican side. Go and take a History book before showing you are «smarter» than spanish people.

  19. Venzilla:

    @PlannedObsolescence Course they do! and i their «retaliation» you can clearly see they are just being funny but at the same time making sure they didnt offend him or anything like that.

  20. PlannedObsolescence:

    @quemedices1980 I think he knows they weren’t trying to insult him — he’s just joking.

  21. 528491Inception:

    that woman has some ass

  22. pixargal007:

    The sides of my face are now aching from smiling too much! 🙂

  23. quemedices1980:

    i saw the Spanish program. they were just having fun, seriously . they do it but with no intention to hurt or insult you. its fun. if you can’t see that , you have no sense of humor.

    if u understand Spanish and want to see it , type in this guy’s name and El Hormiguero

  24. TheLindzz17:

    Jesse Eisenburg is fucking amazing.

  25. YourLoveButton:

    And then i get to be the sexiest geek alive…way to bring it home jesse!!!