cat in a goldfish bowl


a cat squeezing itself into a goldfish bowl!

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25 комментариев на “cat in a goldfish bowl”

  1. Atma505:

    try watching this video with your eyes closed

  2. wonchisonvarity:

    @123ifti123 Dont be gross!!!

  3. 123ifti123:

    MY Pussy also loves going in the fish bowl! Check it out!!!

  4. 32Olive32:

    Let’s see the cat do it again with a fish in there

  5. FluffyBlackSheep14:

    Her name is Fluff….

  6. rosewaterkaren000:

    dude, the people should laugh, instead, they should clap!

  7. DPWCandice10131:

    @leedsunitedrule100 he not fat hes just fluffy

  8. benchoko2:

    its the kitty meal!

  9. benchoko2:

    the cat is the new goldfish

  10. maritobross:

    oooh they cut the part when someone had to break the bowl

  11. puteraaa:

    cat’s bone are kinda flexible

  12. kuka951reku:

    this cat has long and fluffy hair so he looks big and he can get in bowl

  13. Ogreorc:

    kamikaze bonzaicat :D

  14. leedsunitedrule100:

    How can a cat that size fit in a fishbowl

  15. j4ck2000:

    proof cat is liquid. it takes the shape of a container.

  16. s00nic000:


  17. S7Romer:


  18. rockindavan88:

    I imagine you have to break the bowl like a piggy bank

  19. AkumuKeayo:

    It’s incredible how tightly cats can squeeze their bodies. It’s mostly just fur! omg if my cat did that <3 LULZ

  20. MrSweetmikey:

    Awwwwwwww my gorrshhh(: adorable

  21. roksaan:

    Help me pay my rent! Check out my cat sketch art based on a real Hawaiian cat at cafeshops. com / coolroxart.

  22. HelloKittyMeToYou:

    Poor cat♥
    But LMAOOO @ same time[:

  23. MLink96:

    Can we pretend that goldfish, in the fishbowl, are like fairly godparents, I could really use a wish right now.

  24. kiyotewolf:

    I’m a beiber fever believer with a reefer queefer beaver

  25. kiyotewolf:

    pussy under glass