Animal X Classic Episode 19 (Series 2 Episode 6)


USA: SKUNK APE For more than one hundred and fifty years there have been reports of a half man, half ape-type creature stalking remote areas of Florida. Could these parts be home to a secret species — one that goes by the name of the Swamp or Skunk Ape? Animal X travels to the Big Cypress National Preserve and the small settlement of Ochopee in the Florida Everglades to investigate. USA: ANIMAL EMOTIONS Do animals experience emotions? Animal X looks at a number of examples where animals appear to demonstrate very human emotions, including the compassionate dog that has rescued over 700 stray and injured cats in New York. The world’s leading Animal Emotions expert Professor Jeffrey Masson gives an amazing insight into the minds of the creatures that we share our lives with. UK & Australia: FROG AND FISH FALLS Animal X investigates one of the world’s strangest natural occurrences — animals that fall from the sky with the rain. We speak to eyewitnesses who have experienced showers of fishes and talk to some of the worlds leading experts in an attempt to solve the mystery of this puzzling phenomenon. There are stranger things in heaven and earth and you’ll see them on Animal X

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  1. grey9438:

    The rains of animals are still unexplained to me, how come it’s only one or two types of fish or frogs? You would think that a water spout would suck up multiple animals not just one type, plus mud and plants from the pond

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  3. Chakdegirl:

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