scary maze game Reaction


Omg!!!! My sister is hilarious

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25 комментариев на “scary maze game Reaction”

  1. sajithks97:

    I’ve sung the song BRUNO MARS JUST THE WAY U ARE playing guitar. Kindly check it, leave ur valuable comments n PLZ SUBSCRIBE.

  2. bond0071011:

    That once happened 2 me if u wanna have a go at it type in on the google bar «scary maze game» I screamed like a 5 year old getting scared of spongebob squarepants lol


    ok i was watching lost sight of the blue square and when it happend it scared me aswell.

  4. meawesome74:

    who sits right there in front of the fucking computer

  5. popularbug123:



  6. mrdslider05:

    I almost pissed on myself laughing so hard

  7. busquets11:

    Sprinting to Indianapolis To sign with the colts

  8. IceAnax18:

    it’s a fake!

  9. josiahclay18:

    U guys should calm down and stop acting like kids on YouTube!!!!!!!

  10. gkittles:

    Omg LoL:);)-3

  11. CoolXDChRiSXD:

    @volikoto u said shes cute… which makes u a pedo 😛

  12. volikoto:

    @CoolXDChRiSXD like you know me at all dumbass!

  13. CoolXDChRiSXD:

    @volikoto mud brain? What the hell kinda comeback is that? LOL! Your pedo… u support pedobear :p

  14. volikoto:

    @CoolXDChRiSXD fuck you mud brain!

  15. TheMoonLight98:

    Whoa!! She jumps and runs like a boss!! Me Gusta

  16. chickennoodlesoup458:

    My friend tried to get me to play that. Lol

  17. dracodarkblade11:

    some1 give me the link to this game please…

  18. TheDarkmegaomega:

    thumbs up if you saw the screamer coming without reading comments first

  19. CoolXDChRiSXD:

    @volikoto U = PEDO

  20. MrLenista:

    hej tem rodicum bych pleskla že to dají díteti..tvl proberte se… ! jeste jak se na to ty deti soustredi…by pak šumeli jak péra z gauce kdyby se ji neco stalo … uz by to vtipne nebylo *_*

  21. volikoto:

    oooooohhh… she’s so cute…

  22. c1rcu1tn3rd:

    damn she can sprint like no other

  23. disgirlrocks12300:

    hahahhaa loved it LMAOOOO !!!!

  24. MegaSpade10:

    this was in 2011 and she still doesnt know theres a pop up, everybody know…

  25. Bitia05:

    OMG That Was HILARIOUS !