He doesn’t see me-Sarah Brightman-Cats


This a video about Jemima being in love with Misto. The song is performed by Sarah Brightman who originally played Jemima in Cats when it opened in London.

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24 комментария на “He doesn’t see me-Sarah Brightman-Cats”

  1. LucyLAL100:

    But Jemima wasn’t in love with Misto O.o

  2. littlesongbird1:

    @MrWaffles740 Hey opinions are like noses. Everyone has one.

  3. MrWaffles740:

    @NintendogsRox01 wat the fuck man

  4. Imaryana1:

    @Lachlen13 Wenn, dann hat Xavier Naidoo es von Sarah Brightman geklaut xD die englische version gibts schon länger^^

  5. Lachlen13:

    Mmh das kommt sehr schwer bekannt vor. Wer hat hier jetzt von wem geklaut ??

  6. NintendogsRox01:

    @littlesongbird1 wow, thats interesting. sadly, the only production ive seen is the video and a couple of clips from the polish one:(

  7. littlesongbird1:

    @NintendogsRox01 I have never heard nor seen a production where Misto is Jemima’s lover or Sibling. I know he is usually paired off with Victoria as a sibling but I have seen a production where they seemed to be paired off as mates. I have never seen one where he is paired off with Jemima/Sillabud in anyway.

  8. NintendogsRox01:

    @littlesongbird1 *heard

  9. NintendogsRox01:

    @littlesongbird1 all the relationships depend on the production. i have never hard that misto is jemimas dad. they are always lovers or siblings.

  10. littlesongbird1:

    @NintendogsRox01 I read in a magazine that Mac is misto/victoria’s dad (it was an interview with webber) but only heard of fan fics that state he is Jemima’s dad. Personally, I don’t agree with that interpretation.

  11. NintendogsRox01:

    @littlesongbird1 youve never read that mac raped demmy? or that mac is jemimas dad? or demmy is jemmies mom? or mac is mistos dad?

  12. littlesongbird1:

    @NintendogsRox01 I never read that…is that your interpretation or do you have a reputable source to back that up?

  13. NintendogsRox01:

    UGH. Jemima is Mistoffelees’ SISTER. Macavity raped Demeter which made Jemmie, and Mac has to be Misto’s dad, how else would he have gotten his powers?

  14. DandAinTac:

    @littlesongbird1 Thanks!

  15. littlesongbird1:

    @DandAinTac Hi. This clip is not from the original show, it is from the video version which came out in 1998. Jemima was played by Veerley Castleyln (???) in the video. This song was recorded by Sarah Brightman on one of her albums. I can’t remember the original singer of it though.

  16. DandAinTac:

    Okay, questions for whoever can answer. I’ve never seen the entire musical, but I’ve read that Sarah Brightman played Jemima in the original London cast in 1981. Is this clip from that? Is Jemima in this clip played by Brightman or someone else? Who? I’ve never listened to the entire score, but I don’t see this song listed. Is this song part of the original score or not? If not, why is it on this clip? Thanks.

  17. littlesongbird1:

    @intelligenceisnot You’re welcome.
    But what do you mean by clearest version?

  18. intelligenceisnot:

    This is the clearest version of this video I could find on Youtube.
    Thank You!

  19. NaomiSlverflame:

    That’s really cool about Sarah Brightman. Jemima was one of my two favorite cats—video and stage—and I love Brightman’s music. (bombalurina is my other fav.)

  20. mbrooks972:

    I know this is Sarah Brightman singing, but her vocal quality here is almost like Kate Bush. Could definitely imagine Kate Bush singing this song. Never heard that kind of similarity between their voices before.

  21. littlesongbird1:

    you mean in the vid? Veerle had her voice dubbed because of her accent.

  22. meowool:

    why did they dub her over in cats??? she has a beautiful voice.

  23. Frienze7:

    Because it’s a fan video for CATs

  24. xanfus:

    not sure why Cats is on this song. sarah brightman is my girlfriend! she just doesn’t know it lol. anybody else wanna read some T.S. Eliot after this?