Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough Part 1 — Hopes, Dreams, Discoveries, Adventures Await


OMG LIONS!!! Yeah, those cats are really lions and I totally did not steal the title of this video off of the opening scene. Anywho, I rushed this video together to get it up on the release date of the game. I’m going to be following a similar format to HG/SS but I’m changing some stuff up. The other thing I’d like to discuss is the contest I’m running for this walkthrough. Comment, thumbs up, favorite the video and you can be eligible to be randomly picked to win the part. I do something for some of the winners, again at random, and then one lucky person will get my copy of Pokemon White at the very end of the walkthrough. This is something I’m just doing as a way of thanks for your viewership. Other than that, if you’re new to my videos, welcome to my insane world of insanity. Special Thanks to XeroDragon12 for use of the image in the intro, I was actually scrambling for images because my artist hasn’t been around recently so that really helped. Video Question: What is your favorite 5th gen Pokemon? Thank You and Enjoy! Visit my YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com Visit my Facebook at www.facebook.com Visit my Twitter at twitter.com Visit the SS Forums at www.superskarmory.net
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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47 комментариев на “Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough Part 1 — Hopes, Dreams, Discoveries, Adventures Await”

  1. sweturkey:

    this was uploaded on my birthday :):):):)

  2. TheGotenza:


  3. TheGotenza:

    Will someone look at my channel

  4. PokePryde:

    Filled with Roggenrolla..

  5. SuperJohnschannel:

    I like trains!

  6. ceoshinobi10:

    I heard his name was eyan

  7. Gummi1997:

    Soo Cute!!I ♥ Your Cat’s & Your Viedos Of Course!!(Cool Story Bro xD) ^.<

  8. nk41967:

    favourite pokemon … zekrom ofcourse

  9. Snipy2755:

    i really wish i would have my white now cuz my cousin is borrowing it dam it

  10. SirFoxay:

    @UGTER100 You seem quiet strange..

  11. UGTER100:

    Oh ya I forgot,I have 4 books in the black and white series, and his name is black,and the girls name is white.

  12. UGTER100:

    So you chose snivy,the pre evolved forms of servine,and serperior.You could’ve chose the ugly tepig,and evolve it into the even uglier pignite,and the ugliest uh…I forget the last one.You also could’ve chose the cutest Oshawott,evolve it into the ugly Dewott,then the ugliest Samurott.(And yes I capitalized there names because I like them,even though I said they where ugly.

  13. UGTER100:

    I have to beat the champion in pokemon black, haven’t played since 2 months ago.

  14. Lpsrules10:

    cute cats! lol

  15. MrAlohaLOL:

    great details on the first 3 pokemons lol.

  16. krusematt15:

    makes me want to punch a Shaymin

  17. ahkaiser3:


  18. MegaBacktalk:

    My favorite is Musharna. I love Psychic-Types and Musharna has been a valuable member to my team.

  19. O135K:

    @superskarmory I’m really torn between if I should get the game or not, any thoughts you have about the game would be really appreciated

  20. SlicElectronic:

    the exp bar of my pokemon are always white, they dont seem to get exp points at all

  21. MaChokeYou:


    (Pokemon Leaf Green Part 1)

  22. QindoxAlewess:

    ATTENTION ALL POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE VERSION PLAYERS!If you use GTS, a semi-dangerous glitch has been discovered! If you’re looking for Zekrom at level 50, two avatars will show up. The first is a nurse who wants any Pansage. If you trade her, it’ll say she traded the Zekrom already, however, It doesn’t disappear when the search is retried. The second is a scientist, but if you select him, your game will freeze or have a communication error! Post to other vids to WARN THE WORLD!

  23. eriktootooweder4:

    Not saying Tepig is the best(Oshawott is) but it can learn pretty much every move to defeat the advantage type pokemon. ex: Pignite v. Tranquill. Pignite used rollout. Tranquill used gust. Pignite used rollout. tranquill fainted.. or when Emboar’s going against a Samurott it could use Volt Tackle…..kill it fast……damn Bianca…..

  24. JacobSimcoe:

    @KernalStuckInMyTeeth which is weird because he never says shit

  25. JacobSimcoe:

    @KernalStuckInMyTeeth yep

  26. ChicoandJose:

    @KernalStuckInMyTeeth thats what i though he said but he said i blew my chance

  27. N1NJ4T4Z4:

    @KaitoKeybladeMaster yeah nova wohld say whoredan a lot

  28. pkemonfan101:

    At 6:21 did he break some glass???

  29. KernalStuckInMyTeeth:

    @ 6:34 did kootra say » I blew it. Shit!» ?!?!?!

  30. Shadowthiefdark:

    This is almost better than if Kootra were to start his UDK tutorials again, LIKE HE PROMISED!

  31. TheMerudin:

    06:21 did he brake a glass or something?

  32. pauliusdud:

    @TheRedrocketrover yeah its like some glass thing

  33. TheRedrocketrover:

    What did Kootra break???!!!!

  34. ICanSeeThruShadows:

    6:00 TYhrough 6:27 my Parents got mad at me

  35. fredgreck121:

    GO ZE

  36. Mastercashie:

    that was intense

  37. W4nt4an4pple:

    @Rhombicosahedron He says that alot, by swearing he means the s and f word. lul.

  38. RW101357:

    There needs to be like a big tournament with the creatures in this game. That’d be AWESOME!

  39. massmurder32:

    @TheBlixed can’t you read the top rated comments dumbass!!

  40. TheBlixed:

    at 06:20 kootra broke glass

  41. Rhombicosahedron:


  42. jorgschrauwen:

    @MrMurderx1221 well that sure sounded like glass wouldve been a lot funnier

  43. ferno5000:

    i mean 6:34

  44. ferno5000:

    6:35 did kootra say …SHIT

  45. thegodlikefiend:

    @hardjimmy5 did you not watch the first 5 episodes? >_<

  46. hardjimmy5:

    No offense kootra but you fuckin suck at this D:

  47. Noseman697:

    @SoulandEllis That sounded more like Ze.