How to Grow Wheatgrass


Wheatgrass is amazing stuff. Wheatgrass is remarkably easy to grow. Wheatgrass juice is an elixir like no other. If you want to know how to grow wheatgrass — this video will teach you. In 9 days we go from dormant (dry) wheat berries (Kernels of wheat. Wheat seed.) to grass that’s several inches tall. During those 9 days we expend about 2 minutes of labor. It is truly That Easy! We Sproutpeople grow everything by hand. Why bother with machinery when it’s this easy? As with all of our videos, we try to cover everything you need to know in order to grow a great crop. Grow your own Grass! These instructions will help you grow grass from any large grain.
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Rudolph is so scary. He is 13 weeks old and is available for adoption through the cats protection. Update: Rudy has been adopted!!
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  1. emjayxluv:

    LOL omg this guy is hilarious

  2. IoNGhiDoN:

    how old should be the wheatgrass seeds?

  3. XeenWoozy:

    Is pearl wheat, wheat grass?

  4. Hector13King:

    I know goats almost eat anything but still, can goats eat wheat? And if so how would I start
    location: Texas, Humidity: high in morning, temperater : hot 80- h90

  5. RoadKingGreg2002:

    Great info!

  6. 2Persistent2:

    I cannot find the baby’s blanket growth medium. Is there another name?

  7. trex65ghia:

    .All types of chlorophyll have only trace amounts of oxygen.Chlorophyll is a carbohydrate, thus its makeup is overwhelmingly carbon and hydrogen. The molecule has as many as 127 hydrogen and carbon atoms, but only 5 or 6 atoms of oxygen, 4 of nitrogen, and one lonely magnesium atom.»

  8. trex65ghia:

    «The only vitamins present in a 2-ounce shot of wheatgrass juice are 15% of your daily allowance of Vitamin C, and 20% of iron. The rest of the vitamins and minerals, «elusive B12″ included? Zeros, all the way down the board. The bottom line is that a shot of wheatgrass juice offers far less nutrition than a single Flintstones vitamin pill.»

  9. JSheravanich:

    This video is amazing. Nice production. Thank you.

  10. gks0682:

    Does the grass produce it’s own seeds to regrow? I’m planning to grow it for my rabbit to munch on in different spots of the house.

  11. indigopeach:

    What’s the difference between wheatgrass and catgrass?

  12. Skeif13:

    I know nothing of plants… Is this the same wheat I would grind into flour and turn into ramen noodles?

  13. dachozen109:

    can you seed this plant? if not how do you get seeds without buying them?

  14. Woofspl:

    iHerb discount code SEP790

  15. mintswirl:

    what can i use in replacement of a baby blanket?
    would bounty towels be ok?

  16. isatoro77:

    Thank you for this video! I am so looking forward to grow my wheatgrass. Im sorry to bother but, here can I get wheat berries?

  17. playman579:

    I had a half gallon of 100% barely grass juice in the freezer for over a year.My son had a bad case of atheletes foot tried many different drugs with no relief.So I get an idea, I took the barley grass juice out of freezer thawed it had him soak his feet in it for thirty minutes for three nights storing in the freezer in between uses.The infected parts of his feet turned white after soaking,you could actually see where the fungus was well in short he was cured.if you have a skin problem try it.

  18. lizakroberts:

    Awesome video! I can’t wait to try it. Watching the grass grow in time lapse really cheered me up. So cool.

  19. mackinnon182:

    How does it get nutrients? Surly the grass is basicly just water if that’s all you give it? And the carbon from the air, but why does it need so little nitrogen?
    What would happen if you used a weak fertiliser solution?

  20. peter1971:

    remove the cover, and marvel. I am soaking my berries tonight. My first batch. Thanks for this video!

  21. legoapple587:

    I have a question,
    i grew grass out of a big tray with about…
    half a sprouting vessel of seed and it all went fine accept on like… the 8th day or so it got all Tangled and went down and got all, Werid so i had to throw it out 🙁 What is this Tangley stuff?

  22. legoapple587:

    Is it a failure that one time i left the Sprouted seeds in the cup to long and they grew grass IN the cup before i put it in the tray? xD

  23. shadowace421:

    so if i where to replace my entire lawn with this grass…. would it be too fragile to walk on?

  24. Reximusprimebeta:

    @shukthy non-hybrid-seeds(DOT)com

  25. The9crazycatlady:

    @iMorganHiggins Thanks. he is wonderful. so sweet and loving. but as his foster mummy i am very bias!!

  26. iMorganHiggins:

    How is he not adopted yet! He is so adorable! Gorgeous markings!