Talking Animals


These pets really speak !
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Talking Animals”

  1. StrawberryJungle:

    The cat in the sink is definitely not saying «I love you». I think he’s saying something more along the lines of «Stop pouring flipping water down my back!»

  2. TheLlamaAndLlamaShow:

    Loved the cat in the sink! :D

  3. snuggles9161983:

    lol cute

  4. LivyBrooke20:

    I love it. I have a smile that I cant wipe off

  5. samanthamaxis09:


  6. alepepe100:

    they are all more like possesed to me

  7. ChicLawChick:

    0:57 cat says «help» not «hello»

  8. ChicLawChick:

    woman: say i love you

  9. mcsophie12:

    0:29 why is she washing her cat? they wash themselves? :S

  10. TsengYungChi168:

    so funny!

  11. XDarkR3aperX:

    @QUISETOONIGGA shut the f up nigger

  12. DebrisBD317:

    If I was a dog, I’d say «get me some bacon then piss off! I talked what do u want now?!»

  13. george1997fly:

    Cat says hello so normal ,like «yeah hello now fu#k you»

  14. lala7haha:

    the cat in the cage says hello so cutely xD

  15. BloddyRipper:

    the last dog sounds like E.T. XD

  16. GaragyVladAlternativ:

    the laughing sound effect ruined it

  17. shaunaizbonkerz:

    lol i love the last one lol

  18. za71055k:

    @QUISETOONIGGA do you have a problume with white people?! im a white person. im 9 years old! come man/lady! white people are just as good as black!


    Smh white people

  20. bemdav:

    The first dog is singing Smells Like Teen Spirit

  21. RaynaDeedrajx51:

    ha Be ready to jump to the world full of pleasure

  22. kemup:

    the ad about the music teacher winning a million bucks for pitching a perfect game that came on before the video was more entertaining

  23. no12345ism:

     1:04 sounds perfectly like «Hello»

  24. xXDyl21mXx:

    Nope!! Chuck Testa

  25. piashona143:

    ey I`m good looking babe