Scourge-Nageki No Mori (200+ Subs!)


EDIT: Wow…this got kinda a lot of views. XD (By my standards, anyway.) This is kinda old now though…I keep rewatching this and thinking ‘I can do way better now’. =P Still…I really liked this idea…I’m thinking I might redo this one day when I get a lot better at drawing/animating, just for fun if I ever run out of ideas for new things…maybe…? X3 /edit over Whoo! It’s finally done! That took about 2 weeks longer than I expected to finish. XP Btw, at 0:24 it says «Those savages are a SCOURGE on the name of all good cats.» Sorry it’s so hard to read. -_- To my subscribers: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! If I had enough cookies, I would give one to each of you! n_n Thanks for all of the nice comments too. =) Note: I haven’t actually read the Rise of Scourge. I got all my info from my friends, other videos, and Wikipedia. So if I missed any small details, please don’t bug me about it. =P Song: Nageki no Mori Book Series: Warrior Cats/ Rise of Scourge. I DO NOT OWN THE BOOK/ CHARACTERS OR THE SONG. Programs used: Photoshop Elements 6.0 and Windows Movie Maker Enjoy~ ~LYRICS~ Deep in the forest of sorrow, the cicadas cry. It was a perfectly fine day, until I breathed in the cold breeze. Suddenly, in that instant, the clock’s needle stopped. One way cannot return twice. A lost child looks for a bright place. For those who are changing and those who desire to change Come here and pass through. Someone is crying, but from where? Slowly and quietly, go take a peek. Good night

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25 комментариев на “Scourge-Nageki No Mori (200+ Subs!)”

  1. SnowFiare:

    This is so sad. Too bad Scourge wasn’t a follower of StarClan. He would have had 9 lives instead of one…..

  2. SnowFiare:

    exactly. and near the end, I was like, when he they said: But Scourge, we’re your litter mates! doesn’t blood mean anything?» I wish he said: «Did it to you?» That would have stung them.

  3. Darkwrath20:

    i think Scourge started the Dark Forest O_o haha and made Tigerstar’s afterlife another living hell 😀

  4. melindauzumaki:

    I dont like Ruby and Sock just cuz he was a runt doesnt mean that he cant play any games with yah guys! Scourge could play any game fine! U shouldnt be mean to ur brother anyways! it serves u right that Scourge didnt let u stay with BloodClan!

  5. mscathy280:

    no ruby is at 0:17 with the red color

  6. FallenKittehOwO:

    My favorite cats.
    1. Scourge
    2. Scourge
    3. Scourge
    I think I made my point.

  7. Rottweillergirl247:

    Dude, I HAVE THE FREAKING BOOK!!! And don’t go around calling people noobs when you don’t even know them.

  8. TieDyeGirl41:

    yesh. :3

  9. TieDyeGirl41:


  10. TieDyeGirl41:

    no, shes GREY

  11. Olivia Hill:

    thumbs up if u think scourge is hot 😀

  12. dransnake:

    man you feel bad for Scourge because of the things that made him bad were all just on revenge to Tigerstar

  13. snowolf1x:

    Was that Graystripe  killing Darkstripe at 1:53?

  14. Rottweillergirl247:


  15. Rottweillergirl247:

    No. She’s red.

  16. LightningBoltCat:

    Yes, thank you!

  17. LightningBoltCat:

    It was his own fault. >.< He ran away just because he was bullied. It happens to everyone.

  18. AveryCF:

    AHH! NO! The the ending got me!DX No tiny! Scouge died tiny…erm.. WHY YOU SHOW TINY’S SADNESS AT THE END!DX

  19. xGummyBear100:

    Yeash, but Thistleclaw was like that because he was being trained by Silverhawk, a Dark Forest cat.

  20. Razkali:

    I still blame Thistleclaw for Tigerstar’s corruption. He was the one encouraging him to be violent and teaching him to fight and kill instead of warning him off.
    So really, Thistleclaw is to blame for both Tigerstar and Scourge’s deaths.

  21. Rottweillergirl247:

    No, I wouldn’t be scared. I’d tell my mother what she told me. If he didn’t get revenge for what Tigerstar did, he would be living happily with housefolk.

  22. TieDyeGirl41:

    umm.. ruby is grey

  23. KingCool123321:

    Yeah but ruby was the one who said that cats that dont get adopted get thrown in the river, Scourge got scared and left. Wouldnt you get scared if you were tiny and told you would get thrown in the river? >.< Its not his fault he wanted revenge for what TIGERSTAR did.

  24. Rottweillergirl247:

    I say Scourge made his own choice to die. HE was the one to leave his house after Socks and Ruby left with their new family, he should have listened to his mother and not go into the forest. Even the old she-cats told him not to go into the forest. If he ran away from Tigerpaw and Thistleclaw, Bluefur would have protected him, after all, she should have been deputy by then.

  25. DeidarasLilStudent:

    think it was more of tiger’paw’ who sent him over the edge.