Trimming a cat’s claws


Cat Henstridge, the PetStreet vet, explains how to clip the claws of a cat

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25 комментариев на “Trimming a cat’s claws”

  1. doubledanzaXX:

    Great vid. Very informative, it also helps to message your cats paws regularly while petting to get him used to it.

  2. luftloft:

    Used this video to clip my cats’ nails. Something I dreaded beyond belief… Thanks!!

  3. LoneRiderz:

    My sofa thanks you for this video…

  4. Brady736:

    I love it when cats open there paws really big it’s so funny

  5. nUboon2Age:

    No that cat was not sedated. One trick is to frequently handle your cat’s paws so they become comfortable with it. You could use some rescue remedy as well.

  6. saman4xtine:

    do i need to sedate my cat if i do this?

  7. saman4xtine:

    what is the benefit of doing this? can my cat still climb fences and stuff if i do this?

  8. cLaMToEs:

    That cast was sedated

  9. darrentoes:

    By the 3rd nail I would have bled out due to all the scratches inflicted upon me by my cat!

  10. appleloveTK:

    My cat doesn’t let me do this, he keeps on walking away..

  11. andmaybetomorrow:

    This was so helpful! I’ve been so afraid of cutting too close to the quick, but my cat’s front claws are as long as this one’s, and I see I can cut off much more than I’ve been brave enough to do.

  12. AcidSkater2008:

    Thank you!

  13. LoneRiderz:

    He’s a good boy… all quiet and stayed still. I always have a hard time trimming the claws of my cat.

  14. MyLlamaDrama:

    aaaawe the cat is so cuuuuute ^^

  15. fvottoh:

    I notice she isn’t married. I wounder if she can where a white wedding dress.

  16. norxcontacts:

    What a nice and friendly cat 🙂

  17. kwoott73:

    thank you for the video! i just got my first cat and have been afraid to cut her nails and was finally able to your with your video! and it was as easy as pie! 🙂

  18. xxKatyCat:

    i can hardly play or pet my cat because i get scared of her nails.. shes aggresive when i touch her …. ): shes always been like that ): ):

  19. CellphoneTL:

    My cat acts like she’s dying when we trim her claws D8

  20. dybim:

    Jeez, my cat goes insane when we clip her claws! Just did it and she really hates it 🙁

  21. thegizmoguy1:

    The problem is that your hands are close to the cat’s mouth in this method. Some cats may be well behaved, but my cat is quick to nip if you don’t get the hint that he doesn’t like what you’re doing.

  22. TrustmeUK:

    Great video. Thanks for this.

  23. loopba:

    Wow, she is really beautiful

  24. brandonvass1002:

    Love your accent, marry me?

  25. catnipnbone:

    I sure with my cat would behave this well when I try to clip his nails. It’s just no fun trying to do it alone. Indoor cats do need to have their nails clipped regularly. Sharp nails are no fun if a cat jumps up on your lap or if they like to knead… ouch! 😉