This is not Offical music video. Its made by me in movie maker. I just cut out piece of movie and putted with music. Sorry for my bad english :-/ Hope you enjoyed watching. Thanks to: Екатерина Жильникова — Пластика кошки. Фильм III. Лэп дэнс и приватный танец. Adam Duncan — Bounce
Video Rating: 4 / 5

КотЭЭ после секса кайфует))

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18 комментариев на “MUSIC VIDEO «ADAM DUNCAN — BOUNCE»”

  1. DrBerries1:

    1:15 …DaFuq…

  2. armedfilmmaker:

    That guy looks reminds me of a splicer from bioshock and of course she is like coochie the clown 😛

  3. JohnMikeManalo:

    Poker face like a boss!


    coochie the clown striper will always have a place in my little black book :p

  5. nuenue9:

    yes that clown is the shit.

  6. xHOLLlSTERx:

    This gave me a boner.

  7. talbee123:

    from 1:10 — 1:20 is badass

  8. el3tr0n0ly:

    Wealthy Men = POWER

  9. el3tr0n0ly:

    lol your keyboard started bleeding wtf?

  10. darkerego:


  11. lotteryticket23:


  12. redy2xp:

    Its Guccie the clown …

  13. viperali1:

    Thumbs up if coochie the clown brought you here

  14. cubes303:

    still reminds me of COOCHIE the clown haha

  15. furiousrat:

    Nice work! That lady is hoooot!!

  16. zPhobiaHD:


  17. Tony0xB:

    Dancer was amazing. I feel like the video itself could’ve been a bit better. Great Job.

  18. spanishbeautyPR:

    there should be more booty in this video!!!