BajheeraCats — BajheeraCats — Bagheera Loves Bajheera :3 — Lovey Kitty :)


Got to come home from work early and Bagheera was happy to see me 🙂 This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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25 комментариев на “BajheeraCats — BajheeraCats — Bagheera Loves Bajheera :3 — Lovey Kitty :)”

  1. ozzie9954:

    god knows what he be licking next

  2. italianstylezzz:

    aww, kitty loves u 🙂

  3. BajheeraWoW:

    My parents moved to LA and they kitties went with them, they’re all doing fine 🙂

  4. UntameableOne:

    how come thers no more bagheera vids did he die or somthing?

  5. TheTricarix:


  6. MrWoonderland:

    …….. :)

  7. Dropmapants:

    Kitty is so cute ;O

  8. noxpainxnoxglory:

    wtf lol


  9. DMSediting:

    is this the reason you’re balding Baj?

  10. namsters:

    this video would have so many videos if u said » PUSSY LICKING» thumbs up if u agree

  11. IvanTheDruid:

    cat was going at it

  12. MrOfurdadi:

    That’s one awesome moustache

  13. not0mrh:

    your forehead was all red from all that licking ^^

  14. Aces2High3:


  15. TheoH96:

    u just made my day

  16. MrFagrell:

    Likin’ yo pubes.

  17. share512:

    Love you even more now .. just as much of a kitty lover as me.

  18. TheTillinger123:

    Your Dad sir lookes like the Gentleman from the Three Musketeers !

  19. RoxyHeartsYa:

    *kitty uses lick wounds*

  20. coolnameize:

    this is what i got when i searched cat porn so im just trying to make it better thanzk

  21. coolnameize:

    hey mabbye if u let him see your (private part ) u can mabye get him 2 lick that might be nice plz record and send pics if u ever get the chnace

  22. coolnameize:


  23. Kamdarftw:

    lol thats too funny

  24. KillerRetPally:

    my cats do that to me too i thought i was only one XD hey Bajheera my toons name is THelso on darkspear if u wanna bg or 2v2 or sumthing or even help u lvl ill do it!

  25. baigelbaigel:

    2:35 Bajheera gets a Mangle and Rip IRL feel it first hand 🙂