Lio — Cybil’s Meow and Flimflamming with Fido


RingTales presents a Lio animated cartoon. Lio is the hit internationally syndicated comic strip created by Mark Tatulli featuring the wordless macabre adventures of a young boy and his giant squid. In Cybil’s Meow, Lio gets up early for breakfast. In Flimflamming with Fido, Lio works for the grade.
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42 комментария на “Lio — Cybil’s Meow and Flimflamming with Fido”

  1. shellos10:

    Lio has some amazing pets! He also has a cobra, a giant squid, and a lobster!

  2. MusicLoverGurl:

    Clearly, you have never had a cat, or you would know that cats quite thoroughly enjoy making their pet humans do extra work for their pleasure and amusement. XD

  3. RandomFox11:

    (on NewTRAILERS) He’s both stupid AND immature. Not a very good combination, eh?

  4. Gawiga:

    Lio is the character of Limbo.

  5. frogmistres:

    this was stupid and pointless

  6. NewTRAlLERS:

    Bitch please.

  7. loki3692:

    Everyone in the class is left handed.

  8. jasperkt:

    I love lio to pieces, but am unsurprised that his dad is a bit of a dag!

  9. pkemrin:

    Perhaps the opportunity would have been better used to give some insightful commentary or criticism regarding the video instead of wasted announcing which comment # it was, since YouTube commenting isn’t a race?

  10. tomyo669:

    I don’t get the second one at all

  11. ikbenbeterinclubpeng:

    The cat should just have taken the time to learn how to use a can opener instead of the big speaker thingy

  12. aker333:


  13. UltimateReviews1:

    Wish I had that spider…

  14. billy12149:

    lmao stupid kid.

  15. VideoFan0112:

    i want that cat

  16. neogodshadowcat:

    wish i had that spider

  17. SupernusTorin:

    it’s 1st, just to let you know

  18. NewTRAlLERS:

    1th… as always

  19. Mostly3swithfriends:

    They’re like… rogue and ferals at the same time :o invincible!

  20. dose567:

    wtf cats where is wow faggs

  21. slb6977:

    Cmeeere kitty kitty kitty..Kiiiiiittty..Cmere…


  22. lupinist1:

    Dude your kitties are awesome just like you 😀

  23. leNudelsalat:

    You should be a hunter =P

  24. UntameableOne:

    so griffles ran away

  25. XXXXXcerria:

    Dang those legs are harrie :P

  26. Plasmaraptor:

    Dat griffles’ like Anivia. Friggin ninja kill a target then get the heck outa there

  27. JustAxl0w:

    Glad i subbed a kind dude like you man.Gonna watch ur livestreams when i can 😛

  28. hyperzyph64:

    2:31 HIS EYES

  29. BajheeraWoW:

    Yeah the first part is essentially true, but the other cats, Tiger, Bagheera, Quito, and Elliot are all safe and happy in LA with my parents 🙂

  30. Sawyer264:

    Some ran away and he didn’t take em with him when he moved

  31. UntameableOne:

    what happened to them?

  32. mastashake660:

    Just like his daddy! LOL

  33. xXmazacaXx:

    You could have so much potential on reddit….

  34. jacksoblongataa:

    My freaken heart.

  35. brazion666:

    what happen to them ? 🙁

  36. brazion666:

    2 people cant affored a cat —__—

  37. Itransform105:

    Your cats are adorable :3

  38. GamingFurious:

    i love watching every video from Bajheera , it always makes me happy (liked the vid)

  39. AcesulfameGaming:

    whoever disliked this has no heart

  40. iLoveAltNation:

    Birds, eagles. Same thing! 😛

  41. BajheeraWoW:

    Yeah but birds don’t do that haha.

  42. iLoveAltNation:

    Was it Griffles then? I just remember you saying in one of your vlogs that you let one of them out and they just never came back.