Techno Kitten Adventure: Indie Game w/Nova #11 — Head In The Clouds


Remember to like the video! Before the new update i decided to head back to the land of the dancing cats. What a jolly good time! DOWNLOAD HERE: LINKSSSS: Twitter: SHIRTS: More Techno Kitteh:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Techno Kitten Adventure: Indie Game w/Nova #11 — Head In The Clouds”

  1. Killusak:

    I thought that this game has no blood and gore…Well, I guess my eyes are a exception.

  2. XxwerekittyxX:

    Ive watched 10 in a row so far =P

  3. FurryWolves:

    Never, ever, watch 5 of these in a row.

  4. definitionofunstable:

    that will be 1 troll $ please

  5. sandman95673:

    they get sucked in my ass. i remember this! XD

  6. kevincool evepoo:

    holy shit i going blind

  7. guitarbat1:

    I wonder how many people had to go to the hospital because of this game/novas vids

  8. Nobody2438:

    Nova is high

  9. TheBigspartans:

    ahahah i survived it!
    *ten seconds later*
    awww shit!

  10. blueravenvg:

    FlibbleflabblefrickleflopbagghagablabugigugafuckinghoassmotherfuckingBLAGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! Sorry spasim attack…

  11. mrspellen1:

    Thumbs up if u think That the music is badass

  12. hackebeilhaus:

    this is the BEST game in the world!!!
    I’m serious

  13. jonah greene:

    Thebradtad 1 u copied a name 2 u couldnt sue that game u fail

  14. cRiSPYBoMB:

    pause at 4:05 for eye bleedage LOL

  15. themigtyCondor:

    4:51 highscore is 143143, he should make 143 techno kitteh vidz

  16. Roxxi1234561:

    On the cloud one they have a death kat. Weird right!!!!

  17. TheEpicDevany:

    4:33 you sound like the mom off of Big Mutha Truckers for the ps2 xD

  18. shane87smith:

    i swear i see a penis sometimes when the shapes start flying at your face

  19. oddskull34:

    He uses an HD PVR just as the rest of the creatures

  20. captainj19:

    nova a got therow thata part

  21. 11234paul:

    What do you record withe on your xbox360

  22. TheBradtad93:

    Im going to play this game until i have a seizure so i can sue the shit out of them.

  23. ZombieKillerDS:

    When Nova says «The Cloud Pack!» at the start, he sounds alot like Simon from the Yogcast.

  24. salviy1:

    Looks lik a game for guys on shrooms

  25. ZavernKY:

    Sure. Lets fight. Lets hit eachother and kick eachother tooth and nail….over the internet.