Bajheera — Season 10 3v3 Arena — Kitty Cleave with Sacredheals & Arthero!:D #2


More 3v3 Arena matches as Kitty Cleave with Sacredheals and Arthero!:D Sacredheals’ channel: Intro Music by Wretched: Video music by Klaypex!:D —

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25 комментариев на “Bajheera — Season 10 3v3 Arena — Kitty Cleave with Sacredheals & Arthero!:D #2”

  1. BIRDIE13dotCOM:

    What’s the name of the playerbars you have?

  2. Mattyoneshoe:

    hey bro, nice videos, whats the combat action addons your using for the crits and stuff it looks smooth

  3. RealSICKLegends:

    The 1st Bajheera Video ive seen was WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT from the TB WORLD PVP!! IT WAS EPIC!! Still love this vids

  4. RealSICKLegends:


  5. bilber18:

    What addon is Bajheera using that desplays debuff on their nameplates?

  6. getawayred:

    Ty Ty

  7. supermon99:

    lol…»im popping reck cause im already sick of it»

  8. Sacredheals:


  9. greedybigj:

    protatoechip <3

  10. Gamers4Evar:

    hahaha i replayed 1:15 so many times xD

  11. totalone26:

    bajheera! you are the reason i am levelling a warrior i wanna pvp with it but im having a hard time currently. i am level 61 and am having a hard time grasping all the abilities of a warrior any advice for a newbie warrior? any way you can make a current macros/priority videos for your fans who need some help thanks! ps you’re the man!!

  12. bendsend12:

    The one that dara mactire had about shadowplay yesterday. he gave you a lot of praise and was ver nice

  13. BajheeraWoW:

    Hell yeah dude!:D I’m really enjoying playing with these guys:)

  14. spacemarine537:

    Thats one awsome feral :3

  15. BadLadJon:

    poppin’ reck cause you’re already sick of it.

  16. BadLadJon:

    Gladius, NiceDamage and Tidyplates

  17. NanamiTheDruid:

    See if you can get Cliper to play with you 😀 that would be fucking amazing 😀

  18. epicusphallus:

    Be my boyfriend… no homo…

  19. getawayred:

    List of addons?

  20. mcrail:

    You should consider recording some 3v3s with Sacredheals and Selfserve on your team : the closest to paradise I could be 🙂

  21. ShadowLightbringer13:

    Can’t always shred a target, I know he uses shred.

  22. ThisDudeWoW:

    o ok thanks =D

  23. mrwinoe:

    Actually it’s Tidy Plates, which has several different templates you can use one of which is called Tiny Plates

  24. PlzPickMyName:

    TROLL KING YEAH!!!!! XD jk i liked it. lol

  25. Mepawnzu:

    its called «tiny plates» 🙂