Bajheera — 3v3 Arena Tips — Kitty Cleave with Aggrolol & Parepectolin!:D #1


Our first set of games as Kitty Cleave attempting to get Aggrolol 2200 in his first week of being 85!:D Stay tuned to see if we can get it:)

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25 комментариев на “Bajheera — 3v3 Arena Tips — Kitty Cleave with Aggrolol & Parepectolin!:D #1”

  1. Xreed117:

    baj, what is the addon for your name plates? please tell….

  2. PREDFoR:

    Nica Damage

  3. nimblenick9:

    im so happy that u sent that mage and rogue TO THE GRAVE!!! awesome

  4. JaggedCheddar:

    LOL game analysis, hilarious.

  5. JoelProductionz:

    what addon do you use to show damge 🙂

  6. bsmithbum:

    Ty Baj, A day without baj videos is a day I don’t wanna get outa bed for lol. Your the greatest man, thx for continuing warrior destruction for our viewing pleasure.

  7. SkyzPvP:

    WOOT I GOT SHIT ON IN BAJ’S VID!!!! Lmao (I’m the Spriest Slayer) Good games though 😀

  8. 1989Beefcake:

    Bajheera = L33Tsauce

  9. NixusPC:

    darn I wish i was lucky enough to have someone like bajheera to help me get to 2.2k

  10. MrElemmakil:

    Baj you’re the best!

  11. WaterWeightWatcher:

    @bajheerawow You should post a .zip of your Tidyplate .wtf settings 🙂 No homo, I’d love it.

  12. lolmynameistom:

    BAJ<3 I love you.

  13. MrMedia4you:

    i never ever get adds

  14. Mrspartanboy104:

    dude this is an epic fight very awesome.

  15. jcruler4:

    Hey guys, if you like PvP, BGs, Arenas, etc or tips on your character for PvP. I highly recommend you go check out this guys channel. Hes a great Ret paladin whos not really big. So go sub and like his vids! TCRNgaming! TTTT!

  16. JeeRaph:

    Would you say the Youtube will or will not get away with this…?

  17. toffeapple49:

    I changed from watching «Subscriptions» to «All Activity» and I’ve seen heaps of videos I would have otherwise missed.

  18. toffeapple49:

    Love your vids baj, your the only reason I bother to refresh my youtube 😀
    One of my guildies told me about you ages ago and I’ve been loving it ever since. I wish you nothing but success and will enjoy watching you rise to the top <3

  19. carnagedaniel:

    They show in my sub box.. o0 after refreshing a few times

  20. tygerxXx:

    NCIE 😀 lol how’z da FURY pvp footage coming along ? Hope to see some smexy 50k+’s ! JOO CAN DU EET !

  21. UseAtoZ0to9:

    Are you going to post the videos on your main channel aswell?

  22. GuttORm321:

    Bajheera! your videos wont show in my sub box!!

  23. infinityali:

    rofl: »you cant liive from me, I holy palliiie» :p

  24. gankmasterofnubs:

    baj, use gladiatorlosa you can hear hex and then spell reflect, yesterday i reflected 2 hexes in row

  25. BlueLeppard:

    Hi Bajheera!!