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Kitty Trance- I Walk Alone


~Cats want freedom~ ~Cats desire freedom~ ~Cats WANT freedom~ CATS ARE MY FAVORITE ANIMALS! XD East Clubbers- I Walk Alone I do not own the music or any of the pictures, all credit goes to the artist!

LINKS TO ALL PICS: music at the end by: soundcloud.com happy Fireday: nickholmes.tumblr.com Worried Dog: s3.amazonaws.com Venn Diagram: www.smbc-comics.com Gob and Franklin: burntfeather.deviantart.com say cheese! s3.amazonaws.com price sticker: Earthscraper: dvice.com Contrails and Distrails: en.wikipedia.org Spanish Leg Illusion: www.moillusions.com Cinegraphs: www.icanbecreative.com Tires Panda? www.icanbecreative.com being watched: explainthisimage.com Face in Nose: cantbeunseen.com Buzzfeed and in-bread cats: www.buzzfeed.com Cats brushing their own teeth:www.buzzfeed.com OWLS: www.buzzfeed.com CHART irony: ilovecharts.tumblr.com CHART mathematical dance moves: ilovecharts.tumblr.com CHART powers of ten by name: s3.amazonaws.com Tiramisu: www.cookingforengineers.com Splash Mountain pics: www.buzzfeed.com Tongue cleaner: www.buzzfeed.com Shoes: www.oddee.com Sandwich Containers: www.oddee.com Chart Bin border: chartsbin.com Chart Bin driving side: chartsbin.com Chart Bin Flags: chartsbin.com KENYA CHANNELS: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com more coming soon!
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24 комм. на “Kitty Trance- I Walk Alone”

  1. iamawesomeha1234:

    i think michel hates cats :P

  2. jake79672:

    Would an earth scraper be considered tall, or does it even have height.

  3. HawClaw:

    …The cinegraph at the end scared the crap out of me 0_0

  4. FlamingSuffer:

    What happens at the end

  5. taigokai:

    his not going to see this.

  6. Fireymeatball101:

    Where did you get that comment from?

  7. elitenight815:

    she’s gunna stir that cup FOREVER

  8. Theattackcorgi:

    thats horrid

  9. yabazabadda:

    Its got a gun and a hoe. Perfect!

  10. Trooper11499:

    Ican’t look at birds the same anymore… My friend decided to be an asshole and torture birds one day then brag about it on the bus. WARNING IF YOU LOVE BIRDS, DO NOT PROCEED! He took a BB gun and shot with a plastic BB through the birds mouth, exiting the anus. Then he recreated a soap opera in which the «doctors» were «saving» a bird by drowning it in the bird bath. That not enough? Well they also slowly crushed some by pretending to sit down on a bench while the bird was laying there. SLOWLY!

  11. hummingbirdcanada:

    sometimes i cover myself with vaseline and pretend im slug

  12. qwertzuiop1230:


  13. Thebomber5lol:

    Sometimes I sit in the corner and pretend i’m a Panda…..

  14. Steelwaterfall1:

    I slather myself in honey and pretend to be a bee.

  15. SuperBubbylicious:

    don’t we all?

  16. InvisibleNinjaLlama:

    I didn’t see anything wrong with the legs picture

  17. honeyclusters99999:

    Sometimes, I like to curl up in a ball, and pretend i’m a hush puppy :3

  18. 7250kenny:

    cats wearing bread is called memeing south park

  19. LinkYaman:

    sometime i light my hair on fire and pretend im a candle

  20. popitem:

    no it’s a bird, it’s a plane !!

  21. Emilya Hope:

    iors or whatever the hell his name is looks like a asian stewie lol

  22. Emilya Hope:

    at 1:00 I could tell it wasn’t cross and it looked normal to me, HAHAH. My brain didn’t tell me it was. S M A R T

  23. muangau1:

    I’m Asian and thats not an Asian face!

  24. MJfan4ever123456:

    I won’t be surprised if one day when Michael explains something about the moon, he’ll say : which is where I am now.