Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten!


Mommy cat gets huggy huggy with baby cat : ) The video was originally uploaded by dragomirnet86 Watch Original Cat Mom video: ************************************* MAIN CHANNEL: WARTUBE TV CHANNEL: ************* FACEBOOK: TWITTER:: Cat mom hugs baby kitten Cat mom hugs baby kitten Cat mom hugs baby kitten
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24 комментария на “Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten!”

  1. pammyrad:

    I love the cats

  2. TheRobloxianTalisman:

    Fuck you bitch.

  3. borisrivas2929:

    im going to dislike and flag this video cuz fuck you thats why

  4. 0reamwallker:

    /watch?v=zXRqBmzkzB4 watch my cute cats

  5. cupcakesbeatmuffins:

    that is the cusest vid ever!:)

  6. DeliciousCrump:

    kitty love

  7. 36e28993:

    I have the money,thanks

  8. MissyjuanitaB:

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  9. Iluvmjandpranks:

    i love this vid

  10. rusbp:

    Cats… Beauty..

  11. MemoryFoamMattres100:

    Hey, How did you like the other ones?

  12. nursedjones:

    CAT’S RULE .

  13. selenaumana:

    Ti is so cute
    I love ti

  14. Dablkwid0w2008:

    I hope she wasn’t squishing baby by mistake look like baby getting suffocated

  15. msse10:

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  16. danielleminor5:

    I have two cats and I love animals to death.

  17. kerstas10:

    Stupid video.. Now i wanna cat… ;( 

  18. ilovejustinb1231:


  19. GoldDrobo:

    WTF! These homo cats gettin’ married? Not in my backyard

  20. jumbomik:

    go to a hell asshole fuck u, dont create videos anymore!!! IDIOT

  21. glorymaycat:

    323 people never have been hugged by their mom.

  22. oscifio:

    I liked this kitty video too. Don’t worry about what all these ass holes are saying. 

  23. oscifio:

    Nothing more gay then a comment from someone watching a video about a guy who is talking about cats 8D

  24. keeppressing9:

    the mom look like it was about to kill the baby kitty O. O