New Borns!


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25 комментариев на “New Borns!”

  1. UnfathomableThoughts:

    Cats make me cringe, Dogs ftw :)

  2. wang:


  3. HoukouAoi123:

    well, theyre cute, but they look so sad T_T

  4. fruitikay:

    their learning to meow. -_- chill out dude.

  5. lovesbriardi:

    You took those baby kittens away from their mama and scared them when their eyes are hardly open and think it is cute.The response you just sent me where you said you had to think 5 minutes and then fell back on the old F—- word shows there isn’t much brain power to begin with….

  6. fattestruss:

    I’ve sat here for like 5 minutes trying to think of a reasonable response to such a stupid comment but I just can’t get passed the urge to tell you to «go fuck yourself».

  7. Delinexwow:

    I didn’t smile either, I have no soul, kittehs have no soul, me and kittehs = closer than you and kittehs, I win =D

  8. Sirandrewthe7th:

    it was there yesterday. 

  9. Deathatheist:

    wats 1911 mode?

  10. lovesbriardi:

    The title says try not to smile and I sure didn’t have to try

  11. niriop:

    Lovely with a bit of mint sauce

  12. IHasChannel:

    I don’t remember saying it would be funny…

  13. lovesbriardi:

    scared kittens calling for their mama — this is funny?? NOT !

  14. Sirandrewthe7th:

    You dare us not to smile and then play sad music? way to make it easy,

  15. Sirandrewthe7th:

    watch in 1911 mode, you will then.

  16. FHomeBrew:

    Basically, a «you laugh you lose» somewhat.
    Where I live, cats are allowed to roam the land freely. A fact that should change. Kittehs ate my baby bunnehs 🙁 all of them 🙁 in a bloody mess D: Several times D,: If you’re gonna keep cats as pets, please keep ’em off my lawn and not feeding on my pets 🙁

  17. adolthitler:

    Puppies are little dogs. Puppy lovers have souls. They worship the one true DOG.

  18. thewhinykid:

    F—- >.< I only made it 22 seconds.

  19. kianna713x:

    1:13 why does that kitten have completely black eyes? DEMON KITTY! 0_0

  20. kianna713x:

    T_T I only got through 36 seconds without smiling. I’m so weak!

  21. OukaKisa:

    KITTIES =D =D =D

  22. ekhaat:

    Those disposable, orange, single blade Bic razors that cost, what, 2 buck’s for ten?

    One can last for months, and they are much better that the double blade ones.


    PS. nice kittehs, I love kittehs

  23. nahajington:

    Better if viewed in 1911.

  24. PrinceArk00:

    Kittehs! b(^.^)d

  25. Frasssaanarchy:

    I can’t make it 3 seconds :/