Lion Country


Probably the greatest of the great cats is the king of beasts… the African lion. Roaming the open savannas, its roar is a threat to all who live within its range. Its amazing physical abilities make it the most feared hunter on the African continent.
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Rats are just the cutest and most adorable pets on this planet. They do not bother you in your daily life and are a lot of fun to play with. They are really intelligent creatures and most of the rat owners fall in love with them 🙂 This is my first video on my girls (Linda, Timmsy and Lizzie)..I love them… do not forget to rate and comment…And do not post rude comments. have fun Visit me on facebook —
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. radioactivefication:

    Very nice

  2. papa45bear:

    I really enjoyed watching Marlin Perkins when I was a kid back in the 70’s. Great wildlife footage!

  3. calibersoul2012:


    Unlike you, I’ve even sited actual videos while you give me poor assumptions based on no factual evidence.

  4. calibersoul2012:

    You speak of tigers as if they are superheroes. However, due to your bias on the both of them, it is no wonder. However, you may be interested in this: watch?v=g0GB8uo_Yuw

    It is actually a very well documented event where a healthy, full grown, male tiger fought against a male lion. Both were aware and fought but the tiger was KILLED by the lion. The lion used its higher intellect and practically parallel strength while the tiger kept attacking its mane.

    Also: watch?v=yRcmeaL1pFw

  5. calibersoul2012:

    Actually, I see nothing that actually proved that the tiger killed any of them. Those for all we know were just scavenging cases as for it would provide a tiger meat for days; felines in general are side scavengers. This is the ONLY factual case were a tiger has killed a gaur and it is just a small calf: watch?v=almO2Ypp964&feature=re­­­lated

    Actually, all you have given me was bias assumptions and undocumented cases such as tigers killing elephants(which had no factual support).

  6. calibersoul2012:

    Major flaws with
    «No cat use camouflage, they stalk, in stealth, sneak up on their prey» That’s actually how they USE their camouflage. Those are attributes that comes with camouflage. It allows them to blend in to their surroundings.

    Well that is by far the ONLY factual evidence that a tiger has ever KILLED a gaur and it is undeniably a calf. Here it is for the 3rd time:

    Also, here is a footage of a solo lion KILLING an ADULT buffalo: watch?v=99bTgamVzYw

  7. BillD2012:

    Search for «guar tiger» on YT, you’d be able to find the tiger killing a huge gaur, your’ll see a why lion fanatic like you can do nothing but dumping lots of bullshit!
    Not only can’t you show sound judgement, but you’re just like most lion fans, you’re just another moron who makes people like me tired very quickly. I am not interested in teaching you such basics.

  8. BillD2012:

    I am tired of your poor knowledge of felines, and you’ve demonstrated confusion. Tigers live in forests, in India, while jaguars in RAIN forest.
    No cat use camouflage, they stalk, in stealth, sneak up on their prey which is common to all cats.
    You’re full of bull shit that tigers just kill gaur calf. You don’t seem to know how to spell calf properly. What a joke! RIght know on NatGeoWild it is playing «the Last Lions». The solo lioness tries to steal a calf from its mom, but did not succeed.

  9. calibersoul2012:

    If anything, tigers are never in danger from their prey due to living in dense rain forests where they are barely seen at all. Also, its prey items are really just species of deers and boars which pose no real threat at all. Lions can also sneak up on prey using camouflage but they live in more open land scapes and mainly hunt creatures that are truly massive and threatening. Open land scapes are where their prey are at their most difficult as well. Clearly, lions have it much rougher.

  10. calibersoul2012:

    As I explained and proven, the biggest a tiger has been proven to kill was gaur cafes(watch?v=almO2Ypp964&feature=re­lated). It was not even that large and was near trees. It is only through assumption that a tiger an kill a BABY rhino. There is nothing that even supports that a tiger would even face an adult. Lions have been PROVEN to kill much larger prey items single handily. Tigers do not need pride due to living in dense rain forests, their deer prey would not even see them coming

  11. calibersoul2012:

    Actually(as I explained), on average, tigers are only 30pds heavier than lions. Although some individuals get a bit larger(ones that are in captivity and eat all day), reality is, more than 85%(if not more) of them do not exceed the average(especially in the wild). Quite explicitly, though tigers are technically stronger, it is not dramatic. However, on average, lions are very renown to be a foot taller and 2-3ft longer than tigers.

  12. calibersoul2012:

    paste them after w w w .youtube . com / on the URL to see:
    watch?v=pRNkVAXs-SA&feature=fv­­wrel (Keep in mind, these are 2 large and massive animals)
    watch?v=99bTgamVzYw (even a lionesses kills bigger game than male tigers)
    watch?v=Su9dGt8pwfw&feature=related (title is a bit off but still large and shows that lions are very crafty)

    Just as factual examples.

  13. calibersoul2012:

    Small? I’ve even sited actual footages and events were lions killed very large prey single handily(I’ll give more examples on the next comment). However, wild lions today mainly live in reserves and own massive territories. They normally just go through other pride territories and catch prey. Plus, their pray do not migrate far from their massive territories and come back and forth very constantly. However, they also hunt down gazelles, warthogs, bush pigs(similar to what tigers always hunt)

  14. calibersoul2012:

    Also, there is no factual evidence that a tiger killed an elephant. You’ve likely gotten that from mythology, a bias comment, or just exaggerating simply because you prefer tigers. However, an adult tiger attacking an elephant is false. If anything, you are likely talking about a scavenging case. Tigers are actually very afraid of elephants

    It appears that you believe that tigers are super heroes. The biggest it could kill are gaur cafes watch?v=almO2Ypp964&feature=re­lated

  15. calibersoul2012:

    «Tigers prey on elephants, rhinos, bears, when food is scarce» Yet again, that’s false. Tigers actually keep their distances from bears. Some juvenile tigers may scare a black bear but a tiger would only kill a black bear if it tries to eat her cubs(it never stood a chance). It is estimated that a tiger can kill a baby rhino(lions also do this to rhinos and hippos) but that is an assumption. There is no evidence that a tiger had ever killed or even dared to face a rhino(show me the sources)

  16. calibersoul2012:

    Actually, if anything, tigers have had a greater nostalgia group and is even worshiped for an even longer time. It’s just ironic you bring that up as a cheap ploy to ignorantly clam one is better. Also, you are basically saying that tigers should be called «king» because it’s a bit larger which (as I explained) lions were never called that because of size(BEARS win that), it IS was because of their skills, hunt even the most largest of prey, and practically bold and fearless behaviors.

  17. calibersoul2012:

    Lions can single handily hunt down cape-buffaloes as seen here: watch?v=Oo4cGB0U4iQ (paste them after w w w .youtube . com / on the URL to see). Lions actually do prefer buffaloes due to amount of meat but mainly attack them in pride due to being in them and to take them down much more sufficiently with less injuries

    «Tigers do handle 1500kg gaurs» Is terribly false. Tigers only attack guar cafes that stray too far and close to trees: watch?v=almO2Ypp964&feature=related (undeniably a juvenile)

  18. BillD2012:

    Given any fix level of strength and skills, lions enjoy higher chances of survival by being social. This is actually the optimal way of living. In the mean time, their individual competitiveness decreases over generations. For the same reason, tigers evovled into the most powerful big cats, and an adult, healthy tiger can easily hunt almost any animals on land, including solo lions! The only exception is adult male elephant. You could argue they don’t hunt giraffes. But there are none in Asia!

  19. BillD2012:

    So you’ve seen lions kill smaller animals! As I’ve told you, wildebeests and zebras are migrators, while lions are territorial. They are not always available! In fact, it is hardship for lions when they are gone. Lionesses typically give births when they migrate back, that way their cubs have higher chances of survival.
    Leopards, much smaller than lions also hunt wildebeests! They don’t go after adult buffalos. Neither would a solo lion.

  20. BillD2012:

    When tiger 1st appeared millions of years ago in Asia, people were still in Africa. Even before this, all cats orignated in Europe, more than 10 mya. Canines 1st appeared in America.
    Tigers prey on elephants, rhinos, bears, when food is scarce. What you see is because some tigresses need to carry prey back to their dens to feed their young!
    And lions are not as brave as you think. If they were, they wouldn’t seek mutual protection by going social, and that make them weak when hunting together!

  21. BillD2012:

    Ancient Europeans crowned lions the tittle w/o knowing there existed another big cat until much later Roman times. Today, some narrow minded ppl never wanted to transfer this title to tigers, because lions, by many Europeans countries are used in many insignia, and they feel emotionally hard to accept the fact, although lions don’t exist in Europe any more. So nostalgic that after 1000 yrs, they still couldn’t leave it to the oblivion, justfy it by disgusting distortion as you’ve demonstrated.

  22. BillD2012:

    What you said is false! Lions don’t prefer buffalos. They are very dangerous and hard to catch. Other animals are migrators, and they are not availale all year around. During the interim, lions have to target them or starve to death. They can’t handle a buffalo all alone, at around 900kg. Tigers do handle 1500kg gaurs. As of the ill, old ones, all predators target weak ones first. It is very common, that is part of the driving force for the evolution of prey.
    Do not assume if you don’t know!


    …I think I’ll stick with reptiles and insects…

  24. Greenjamgamer:

    My mom wouldn’t let us get hamsters or other animals, just rats, cats, and fish. Oh-So Glad. Your mom will give in, in time..

  25. daveyjonesthehamster:

    My mom won’t let me get a pair of rats =( But of course she doesn’t mind hamsters or most other animals! >=(

  26. CrismarkRock:

    all pets deserves this treatment 🙂

  27. Zigyzoe1:


  28. babyboosabz:

    They are such little cuties, they kind of remind me of stuart little, soooo adorable

  29. wolfboy18:

    Awe… Brings back fond, but sad memories.. I hope you have many years with them..

  30. SemoxZombieCore:

    Awwwww :») <3

  31. RedcliffsRocks:

    aww cute

  32. Saugnine:

    Such adorable girls!!!

  33. kodapix:

    Aww! Yes, I said it. You love your rats so much, it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing something so beautiful.

  34. Mrmc3laren:

    Great vid 😉 what a music?

  35. dennyfuul:

    i wass «ewww» but Awww at the end! :)

  36. marilynlois:

    I love your cuties. They are totally adorable. I want to cuddle them!!

  37. xMarines52x:

    yes! someone has free food for my snake!

  38. KateinBlack:

    adorable! I want one, but my mum already has 2 cats in house

  39. hexchen669:

    sweeeeeeeettttttt mehr kann ich dazu nicht sagen…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. jérôme VERWEE:

    mes perlipépettoune poupourounettes ainsi que tous les animaux aussi à moi pouh gros bisous gentle et lovin’ so much from the bottom of my heart OWH what you do to me :sur le beau pelage !!!! je voulais vous remercier tous les animaux sur un fait de vie devenu si conventionnel et banal : le #2 de la vie : les animaux ainsi je pense que tous les hommes sont d’accord avec celà : ce propos…

  41. jérôme VERWEE:

    pouh qu’est titi jolie celui-là le tout blanc… mais j’aime aussi les classiques : les gris qui sont superbes

  42. MegaMelbur:

    Very upsetting as well when they die before their time (as with most pets/people) The best remedy for me was go get another one…….or five!We currrently have 13, 7 of which are rescues and I dont regret or begrudge any of my decisions that led to this brood! It’s a full time job just to make sure they all get play time everyday.

  43. ratladyroch:

    Your three little muskateers are gorgeous- so pretty and smart!!!!! What you wrote is so true-rats are the best! Yours little ladies are the best! rochratlady

  44. kesia89:

    OMG so cute…so sweet…I want all of them hehehe

  45. anyjen:

    Those babies *really* don’t like to be kissed. XD

  46. funkyratboy:

    i have a pet rat named elise

  47. Britinoz71:

    Rats are awesome pets… but they only live for up to 3 yrs …… verrry upsetting when they die as they have such a strong personality you get so attached to them. Great video thnx for sharing.